A man on a John Deere tractor was involved in an accident with a larger truck in the Columbia, South Carolina area.

Highway collision takes the life of a tractor driver

The South Carolina Highway Patrol believes that the tractor was on U.S. Highway 378 at about 5 pm that night. The tractor driver was going westbound, when he was suddenly hit from behind at some point by an 18 wheeler semi truck near the highway’s intersection with East Friendfield Road. The wreckage was found about 80 miles east of the city of Columbia. 

Emergency crews confirmed later that the driver of the tractor died from injuries sustained during the collision. The Florence County Coroner’s Office later identified the victim as a 54 year old male from Lake City. The media did not disclose whether he died at the scene, or was taken to a hospital for treatment. The driver of the Sterling tractor trailer was not injured during the collision, and he was wearing his safety belt. 

The police did not disclose any cause of the crash at the beginning of their investigation. They also did not say whether the tractor trailer driver or the company that owns the truck would be charged criminally or given any citations. 

The South Carolina Highway Patrol was left in charge of the full investigation. The state’s department of public safety also said that over 500 people had died on the roads in South Carolina since the year started. 

Remedies for a truck accident

The structure of a civil lawsuit against a person or business at fault for injuries or death is similar whether it involves cars, trucks, pedestrians, or any other combination of vehicles and actors. The injured party will have to speak with a lawyer and obtain representation. Their attorney will file a complaint in the local court which begins the process of the lawsuit. This document has information related to the incident, the parties involved, and an estimate of the losses or damages. 

The main remedy in a civil lawsuit is some kind of payment for the victim. An injury lawyer will usually look at records and evidence to determine the sum of property damage, medical treatment, hospitalization, missed time from work, and other expenses. The total of these will equal the amount of damages that the plaintiff’s attorney will say is due to the victim. 

The case is normally concluded by either a settlement agreement based on the available evidence, or the two parties can have a full trial and allow a jury to decide after seeing evidence and hearing from witnesses. 

Get help from a truck accident attorney in your area

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