Four firefighters in the Denver-area were injured when their engine was hit by a commercial truck while responding to a call.

Denver, CO- One of the more common traffic mistakes for both passenger vehicle motorists and truck drivers is right of way violations. A failure to yield violation can result in a crash and some victims suffer life-threatening injuries under the wrong circumstances. A recent crash in Colorado that left four firefighters with severe to minor injuries is an example of the ramifications of ignoring emergency vehicles.

Colorado Fire Fighters Injured in Semi-Truck Wreck

Four firefighters in Weld County, north of Denver, were injured when a semi struck their fire engine on December 27, 2017, around 4:00 a.m. while responding to an emergency.

Sgt. Rob Madden of the Colorado Highway Patrol told the Denver Channel that a fire crew was traveling east on I-76 to answer a call when they were redirected to another call, requiring them to make a U-turn. While turning around, the engine which had sirens and emergency lights on was struck by a semi-truck without a trailer.

The semi hit the cab of the fire engine, injuring four firefighters. According to CBS Denver, one of the firefighters suffered severe but non-life-threatening injuries.

The truck driver was not injured in the crash, according to the Denver Channel.

Right of Way Violations

Failing to yield the right of way sounds innocuous, but it isn’t. It doesn’t seem as risky as speeding or drunken driving, but disregarding another vehicle’s right of way can have disastrous results. Violating another vehicle’s right of way can include behaviors like pulling in front of an auto, running a stop, and aggressively merging on the highway.

Motorists and truck drivers are required to yield the right of way to emergency vehicles.

All motorists and truck drivers must yield the right of way to emergency vehicles. It’s the law in Colorado. When a fire truck, ambulance or police car have their lights and sirens on, a truck driver is required to pull over and slow significantly or come to a complete stop. Every motorist needs to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle safely and remain pulled over until it has passed.

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