winter car crashAurora, CO- Construction zones can be tricky to navigate especially on the interstate where traffic is moving at very high speeds. For that reason, all motorists must be vigilant when they come upon a work zone. Sadly, many people fail to proceed through these zones with caution and workers get hurt or killed as a result. This is the case the of a Colorado semi-truck accident which left a DOT worker dead.

The Denver Post reports that the accident occurred on May 15th on U.S. 50 in Monarch Pass where Colorado DOT workers were doing maintenance. Temporary signals were in use, alternating eastbound and westbound lanes in what State Police said was an active construction zone.

A semi-truck driver approached the work zone, but failed to stop for the traffic signal. The truck veered into the eastbound lanes where it struck a pickup truck, a passenger vehicle and a DOT dump truck, according to KUSA.

The dump truck rolled and came to rest in the road, killing the driver, 61-year-old David Morris. The driver of the passenger car had only minor injuries; the semi-truck driver suffered serious injuries, while the driver of pickup was not injured, KUSA reported.

An investigation of this accident is still underway and police have not said why the truck driver failed to stop for the signal. In such cases, inattention is often the culprit.

This Colorado truck accident shows how many lives can be impacted by a truck driver’s reckless actions. Since semis and other commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, accidents involving these large vehicles can be extremely destruction. On top of that commercial truck accidents are also complex and costly.

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