An accident that occurred over this weekend between a train and a semi in the vicinity of St. Paul Park has caused Governor, Gov. Mark Dayton to take a closer look at rail safety procedures and applications and call for more funds to tighten rail safety, as reported by

The crash involved a train carrying oil and a truck transporting flour. The two vehicles collided at a high speed at an intersection notorious for such crashes but is yet not fixed due to lack of finances allocated for rail safety and railway infrastructure.

Trying to find a solution

Following the latest crash, Governor Mark Dayton has taken steps towards improving rail safety by meeting with local county authorities to discuss the issue. Gov. Dayton was accompanied by Lt. Gov. Tina Smith for the meeting. The increase in funding was a topic of discussion in recent legislative gatherings, however, no action was taken to fix or improve the situation. Governor Mark Dayton has taken up the recent train/truck crash as a stronghold to push for more immediate action and an increase in the funding to avert more such crashes from occurring in the future.

Dayton said in a public statement that the lack of safety in railways is a huge concern and an imminent public safety threat to the residents of Minnesota. He promised to continue to strive for an increase in funds and subsequently an increase in levels and quality of rail safety.

State patrol on the lookout for truck driver in accident that killed two teens

Minnesota law enforcement officers are on the hunt for a semi-truck driver that has allegedly made a run for it after being involved in an accident that claimed the lives of two Minnesota teenagers on Interstate 94 in the proximity of Fergus Falls, as reported by CBS Local.

According to investigators, the deceased teens have been identified as 18-year old Zachary R. Kvalvog and 14-year old Connor Kvalvog, both residents of Moorhead. Two other teenagers were also injured in the crash. One sustained serious injuries and is being treated at a nearby hospital currently while the other escaped with only minor injuries and is said to be in a stable condition physically.

According to the survivor, they were in a Dodge Ram pick-up and were headed to a basketball game when a white box-type trailer heading east veered extremely close to their pick-up and caused them to drift into a median and crash. The best truck accident attorneys on the strong virtual domain of would probably have said the driver should have taken the hit from the larger truck and slowed down at the same time.

You can fool man but you cannot fool God.

Minnesota truck accident laws

There has been a significant increase in the number of trucks that operate on the state roads of Minnesota. Unfortunately, a rise in truck traffic increases the potential for accidents. According to St. Paul MN truck accident attorneys there are many laws which are enforced upon truck operators. However, it is not uncommon for trucking companies to bypass some of these laws to save money. Therefore, if you or anyone you know in involved in a truck accident, it is crucial to consult an experienced Minnesota truck accident attorney who will be able to get you the financial compensation you seek.

Trucking companies are expected to maintain logs of drivers and trips. Drivers have certain weekly restrictions when it comes to work hours. There are also laws that deal with impaired drivers, overworked drivers, underqualified drivers that are negligently hired by trucking companies, and so on. You can rest assured that an attorney will leave no stone unturned and will look into every nook and corner to win your case.