When normal sized vehicles collide with trucks, drivers and passengers are much more likely to sustain serious injuries or die, due to the weight and size difference of the vehicles.

A fatal truck accident occurred on an interstate in Las Vegas, Nevada when one vehicle was going the wrong way on an interstate.

Jeep goes into Amazon truck head-on and driver is killed instantly

The incident began when a Jeep entered the northbound lanes on Interstate 15 at about 3:30 am on a Tuesday morning. The driver was traveling southbound in the wrong direction, and did not get very far before causing an accident. Given the time of night and the gravity of the mistake, police suspect that the driver could have possibly been impaired.

The Nevada Highway Patrol responded to the Charleston Boulevard ramp in Clark County to find that the Jeep had collided head on with an Amazon tractor trailer. Additional damage occurred after this first collision when the trailer went into a UPS truck from the force of the impact. The driver of the Jeep was killed at the scene, while the driver of the Amazon truck was transported to University Medical Center with minor injuries. Two people in the UPS truck were not injured.

All traffic lanes going northbound on I-15 near Sahara Avenue were blocked from the time the accident occurred early in the morning until approximately 1:30 pm that afternoon. This created significant delays for the commute through the area towards downtown Las Vegas. The scene took several hours to clear because of the large amount of debris that remained on the surface of the road after the accident.

The Nevada Department of Transportation is already in the process of implementing a program that should deter drivers from entering highways while going in the wrong direction in the Las Vegas area. Multiple people have died in these kinds of crashes in recent years.

Lawsuits against a trucking company

When someone is injured or killed by a truck driver, the lawsuit is directed at the company that owns the vehicle. This is both because employers are strictly liable for the damage caused by their employees during the course of their normal job duties, and because a large company like Amazon or UPS will often have special insurance that allows them to cover the costs associated with the accident more effectively than the individual driver.

Deadly truck accidents

Any kind of mistake that results in the death of another person is remedied through a wrongful death action. This is a special type of lawsuit that has slightly different rules than standard negligence cases, because the individual who was killed cannot file the case on their own. Normally, a spouse, child, or parent can file the case on the dead person’s behalf and collect money for funeral and medical expenses.

Get help from a local truck accident attorney in your area

If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck in the Clark County area, it is possible to file a lawsuit and receive payment. You can use the listings on USAttorneys.com to find a local lawyer who will meet with you and being the process of taking action against the entity responsible for your injuries.