After a collision occurs, there are usually a series of events that follow. The injured parties will file a claim through their insurance company assuming they have a policy, and possibly another claim through the other party involved in hopes of attaining enough compensation to cover all the incurred expenses. But what about the time that has been taken away from this person as they are forced to recover from their injuries? What about the suffering they have had to endure because a fatigued truck driver wasn’t able to keep his eyes opened long enough to avoid hitting their car? Surely there isn’t a price tag for suffering seeing that we all handle things differently and all manage pain in our own manner.

Victims of truck accidents are known to suffer severe and sometimes deadly injuries.

Here is where damages come into the picture. While it is always a wise decision to hire a reputable truck accident attorney in the state of New York who understands what it entails to get the maximum settlement possible, it is equally important that you understand all aspects of your injury case.

What are punitive damages?

While you may file a claim for your pain and suffering, loss of wages, and medical expenses accrued, what about being paid for the simple fact that you are the victim to a trucking accident caused by a careless individual. Punitive damages fall between a civil and criminal claim. They are filed when you want compensation but also want justice. A Suffolk County, NY trucking collision lawyer can definitely provide you with a detailed description as to how to go about filing for these damages if you have recently been involved in an accident.

Why do truck accidents occur?

  • Drivers are over-worked and don’t get enough sleep
  • Distracted driving
  • Inadequate training

Finding the right Suffolk County, NY truck crash lawyer for you

We are different, and we all have different needs. After being in an accident with a truck, it is likely you suffered severe injuries that may have you out of commission for an extended period of time. Whether this is the case or you have incurred injuries that will only last for a short period of time, pain is pain. And your pain is worthy of being adequately compensated.

To ensure you receive what it is you are entitled to, contact today where you will be placed in touch with various NY truck accident attorneys. From there you can determine who you feel is best to handle your case and proceed on with getting a settlement agreement going. Although it would be ideal to receive a check from the insurer, not always does this work out. In some instances, you may be required to file suit. This is one situation where having an attorney is crucial.

Therefore, if you are looking for advice, guidance, or representation, can fulfill your legal needs.