Several motorists pulled over and did their best to rescue two children on Interstate 70, recently. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, the Dayton Daily News reports. Finley,1, and Brennen, 5, Bereda were travelling with their 33-year-old mother, Christina Bereda, and their sibling Jordan, who’s three, when they were rear-ended by a tractor trailer that came up behind them. The semi slammed into the rear of their vehicle, and sheared off the passenger side of the van, according to police. Finley and Brennan were sitting on that side. The passing motorists who stopped did manage to get them out of the car, but their efforts weren’t enough to save the children. Christina and Jordan both went to hospital with injuries, but were later released.

According to officials, the truck failed to see, or simply ignored, the signs warning of a construction zone. Bereda slowed down, but the truck kept up its speed. After colliding with the van, it kept going and ran into another semi. The driver of the runaway truck, Amritpal Singh of Quebec, went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, as did the driver of the truck he ran into. There’s no indication that Singh was impaired, officials say.

The stretch of highway on which they were driving is a busy one, and is known for accidents, said Sgt. Joe Watts of the Indiana State Police. With the construction added into the mix, it made the area even more dangerous. Even with the amount of crashes they see along the stretch, that day’s scene was a difficult one for the troopers who responded, according to Watts. “They were visibly shaken,” he said. “I’ve worked a lot of these things and they never get easier.”

It’s not known if the Beredas will seek compensation of any kind. They could file a claim against the driver, or a 3rd party claim perhaps against the trucking company for hiring Singh in the first place. There are several avenues that they could pursue, should they choose to do so. In the aftermath of such a horrific accident, it may not be at the top of their minds. Despite this, sooner is definitely better than later when it comes to legal action. There’s often a statute of limitations, for one thing. Plus, the sooner you bring your case to experts, the more time they’ll have to examine it and build a strategy.

In Indiana, if you or a loved one is injured, there are several truck accident attorneys available who will provide a consultation to examine the merits of your case. The lawyer and their team will then investigate the circumstances. This includes looking over police reports and interviewing witnesses, if needed. With all the information in hand, the legal team will then prepare and file a claim with the appropriate insurance companies, or even with the courts if need be. Your best option for getting the compensation you deserve is be contacted a skilled attorney to take care of your case.