A 26-year-old truck driver operating an asphalt truck was involved in an accident this past Wednesday morning that left the parking lot of a McDonald’s in Chicago shut down. According to Patch.com, the truck flipped next to the fast food restaurant located on Rte. 59 near the 300 block of Neltnor Avenue, spilling its load all over the ground. Sergio Hernandez, who was operating the truck at the time of the accident, was taken to Central DuPage Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in the collision, however, police have not yet determined what caused the truck to flip onto its side.

The accident resulted in police having to stop traffic in both directions on Rte. 69 while crews worked to clear the scene.

Although the driver of this truck collision only suffered minor injuries, another crash transpired in the earlier days of March that left a young man and woman dead. Lindsey Morgan Tinson, 20, and Jason Kenealy,22, were riding on a motorcycle when they crashed into a semi-trailer in Chicago.  The Herald-News reported that the trucker was turning left onto 41st Street when Kenealy, who was operating the motorcycle, struck the truck.


The two were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.


Sadly, Tinson left behind her young son. She graduated from Plainfield East High School in 2016. Kenealy graduated from Plainfield Central High School and was a member of the Army National Guard since 2013.


Can the surviving family of the two individuals file a wrongful death claim?


A Chicago truck crash attorney can help a family file a wrongful death lawsuit for the death of their loved one or a personal injury lawsuit for the injuries they sustained in an accident.

While the family is permitted to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucker or the trucking company, it doesn’t mean that they will be awarded damages because their loved ones were the unfortunate victims who didn’t survive the crash. In most cases, negligence must first be proven, whether it was displayed by the trucker or the company and a Chicago, IL truck accident lawyer is the best professional who can help with this.

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