A Chicago man is being charged with hitting and killing at least one man after that driver had been involved in an accident with a semitrailer. According to the Chicago Tribune, a crash occurred on Interstate 80/94 last weekend involving several vehicles. Three men had been traveling on the interstate in their Ford Explorer when it sideswiped a semitrailer. The driver of the Explorer overcorrected, lost control of the vehicle, and it flipped over on its roof. Two of the men who have been identified as 31-year-old Nathanial McIntee and Jason Howard, 34, managed to crawl out of the vehicle and were trying to help the third man out.


That is when they were hit and killed by another driver.


Apparently, the driver of a Volkswagen Passat hit the Explorer and then went off the road striking another vehicle that had stopped to assist the initial victims of the accident. That driver has since been identified as Joshua Davis. After crashing his vehicle, Davis stepped out of the car to see what had happened but quickly got back inside and took off. When police arrived on scene, both Howard and McIntee were pronounced dead, although it isn’t clear whether Davis hit both of the men or just one. The third man who was stuck in the vehicle was transported to Methodist Hospitals Northlake with non-life threatening injuries.

Later in the weekend, police were informed that a Volkswagen that may have been involved in an accident was taken to a local salvage yard. It had a “fake” registration plate and damage to the front end. The man who had bought the vehicle acknowledged that it was Davis and was able to identify him by the tattoo of a cross he had on his forehead. He also told police that Davis had mentioned that the vehicle was involved in an accident on I-80 earlier in the morning prior to dropping it off.

While Davis initially ran from the accident scene and attempted to dispose of the damaged vehicle, he showed up to his girlfriend’s house where police had already visited and turned himself in. He told officials that “It was dark, and I didn’t see him.” The “shaken” Davis was then arrested and booked into the Lake County Jail. He is a suspended driver which means he wasn’t permitted to be operating the Volkswagen and is currently being charged with causing an accident that killed two individuals.


Although the two men had survived the truck collision they initially were involved in, they didn’t stand a chance after being hit by Davis.

While Davis awaits his sentencing, there are now two more lives that have been claimed by a roadway accident.


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