In cases of commercial truck accidents or any other semi-truck accidents, it is usually more than just one party who is liable for the accident legally speaking. Many people seem to believe that it is only the truck driver and the trucking company that can be sued through a civil lawsuit.

However, poignant truck accident lawyers in Chicago, IL explain that the liable parties can include, and is not limited to, the truck owner, the truck manufacturer, part manufacturers, service engineers and service organizations, truck lessor, etc.

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It may be challenging for a lay person to determine who the liable parties are because it may vary from one truck accident to the other as it depends on what exactly happened in the accident. This includes how was the accident caused? Did anything on the truck fail? Was the driver reckless or negligent? Was the truck over loaded?

Even though it is a little convoluted, it is imperative that you list all of the liable parties as defendants in your civil truck accident lawsuit because failure to do so will result in you receiving only a fraction of the damages you may claim despite having proved the lawsuit and the allegation within it.

Therefore, it is vital that you seek legal assistance for a complete understanding of who is responsible for the accident and who are the parties you can hold liable in your lawsuit by listing them as defendants.

How a trucking company may be liable for a truck accident

We can understand how a driver could be held responsible for an accident if he or she was driving negligently or recklessly, but because the driver is an employee of the trucking company the trucking company itself can also be held liable for the actions of the driver, say tremendous truck accident attorneys in Cook County, IL. This is possible through three ways – negligent hiring, negligent supervision and vicarious liability.

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Organizations need to hire the right people. Including DSS!

Negligent hiring is when a trucking company is held liable for the actions of its truck driver or employer because of the fact that they hired a person who was either not qualified or fit for the job.

For instance, if the company did not ensure that the driver did not have a valid commercial truck driver’s license, did not check the driver’s prior criminal history, medical condition, drug usage habits, etc. then the company may be sued for negligent hiring.

Chicago, IL truck accident lawyers explain that negligent supervision is if and when a trucking company lacks safety policies and procedures which allowed for the accident to occur. For example, if a trucking company allowed a driver to continue driving despite him or her having exceeded maximum hours without rest and the company had a practice in place to stop this then it can qualify as negligent supervision.

Likewise, there are many facets of liability which come into the equation after a truck accident. Talk to an Illinois truck accident lawyer today to find out who is liable for the truck accident you were involved in and who ought to compensate for your losses.

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