Driving long distances on the highway and working on the roads are a part of a truck driver’s daily life. However, transportation workers and their vehicles are exposed to these hazards more often than most other drivers. 

A collision in Chesapeake, Virginia that caused critical injuries involved a department of transportation truck and one other vehicle.

Government truck driver is injured by another vehicle while on interstate ramp

According to emergency crews on the scene, the situation started at about 11:30 pm on a Thursday night where the Interstate 664 ramp meets Route 58. A worker who is employed by the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Smart Program was outside of his government truck helping other vehicles on the left shoulder of the ramp between the two highways. Someone driving a Chevy Cavalier went off of the road in the area, leading to the crash.

The initial collision was between the Cavalier and the VDOT truck, which was pushed into the worker while he was on foot next to his vehicle. The government employee had to be taken to Norfolk General Hospital in critical condition, and his injuries may prove to be fatal. The driver of the Cavalier was also taken to the same hospital with injuries. The Virginia State Police want to conduct a full investigation to determine what caused the driver of the Chevy to lose control.

The identity of the driver that caused the accident was not released. 

Truck drivers who are injured while working 

Jobs that involve lots of driving and time on the roads can be dangerous due to the possibility of accidents like the one in this news story. More time on the roads results in a greater risk of being involved in an accident while working. 

When these drivers are injured on the job, they can take actions to receive compensation for their injuries from both the driver at fault and their employer. They may be entitled to workers compensation, insurance money, and damages after a civil lawsuit. The specific amounts available from a case are generally tied to the amount of time the victim misses from work and the severity of their injuries. Another possibility is that a skilled truck accident lawyer can argue for non-economic damages tied to trauma, emotional pain, and mental suffering after the collision.  

Virginia’s negligence laws

Most personal injury cases that are filed after automobile accidents are civil negligence cases. Virginia has its own set of negligence laws that will be significant in determining the outcome of any case. 

Virginia follows an older negligence model that has been abandoned by many other states because it is very unforgiving for plaintiffs. If the plaintiff in a lawsuit has been found to be partially at fault under the contributory negligence standard, they cannot collect any money at all. Because of this harsh rule, it is imperative to retain only the most experienced and knowledgeable injury attorney to handle your case. 

Speak with a local accident lawyer in your city

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