A Charlotte man has been arrested for DWI after crashing into the back of a truck that belonged to a construction crew that was repairing the road on the inner loop of I-485 near Rocky River Road. WSOC TV reported on the collision that occurred just before midnight and highlighted that no one was hurt. The driver, Thomas McMillan Jr., is now facing charges for driving while under the influence as well as reckless driving.

Although the construction crew was lucky enough to not sustain any injuries in this particular accident, had someone been in that truck, things may not have turned out the way they did. In fact, there are many instances where workers who are involved in truck accidents aren’t as fortunate as these men were.

Now, because these accidents do seem to occur more frequently than we would like, it has led to us to tackle the following question:


What should I do if I am involved in a truck accident while on the clock in NC?


Whether you are a construction worker or someone who operates a semi-truck, then you know that your job carries a great deal of risk with it. Because you could potentially become involved in a truck crash at any given time, below we would like to share with you some of the steps you are going to want to take in the event you sustain an injury in an accident that occurred at work.


  1. Go to the hospital. If your injuries are severe, an ambulance will transport you but if they are minor, be sure you take yourself to the hospital so that a doctor can assess your condition and determine if there are any underlying injuries you aren’t aware of just yet.
  2. Report your injury to your employer. If you are unable to do so, have a family member or someone close to you notify your employer of the recent truck collision.

    To determine if your recent truck accident permits you to collect worker’s compensation benefits, speak with your employer or a truck crash lawyer.

  3. Give a written statement to your employer within 30 days after the accident highlighting the date of the accident, a brief description of the injury, and other pertinent information pertaining to the crash.
  4. If your injury requires you to seek continued medical care, be sure you inform your health care provider that your injury is work-related. You may want to clarify with your employer before choosing a physician, however, as sometimes they require you to seek treatment from a doctor they are contracted with.

According to the North Carolina Industrial Commission, “the goal of the Workers’ Compensation System in North Carolina is to ensure that you get good health care to restore you as nearly as possible to the health and ability to work that you had prior to your injury.” Now, bear in mind that your employment status will affect whether you can receive workers comp benefits for your injuries and compensation for your lost wages.

For instance, some independent contractors aren’t permitted to collect these benefits and even those who hold a managerial position may be limited to what they can get. If you aren’t sure if you qualify for benefits you can always ask your employer or HR department. If you feel the information they are providing you with is inaccurate, consider consulting with a Charlotte, North Carolina truck accident lawyer who can help determine this.

Should you need help finding a nearby Charlotte, NC truck collision attorney, USAttorneys.com is here to help.