Sandusky, OH- An accident involving five vehicles including two semis tied up the Ohio Turnpike and left one man dead Tuesday.

The accident took place around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday on the Ohio Turnpike in Sandusky County.

Authorities say that the chain-reaction accident was initiated by the fourth vehicle, a semi, driven by Angelo Muscarello III, 50, according to Northwest Muscarello failed to slow down and slammed into three vehicles in front of him; the vehicles had slowed because of a traffic zone. Muscarello was not hurt.

Muscarello’s semi could not stop in time and crashed into a semi traveling in front of him. The second semi, driven by Larry Centra, 54, then crashed into two other vehicles. Centra was not injured.

The fifth vehicle involved in the crash, a large passenger truck, then slammed into the semi that set the multi-car collision in motion.

A front seat passenger in the passenger truck, Erwin E. Kuhns, 51, Middlefield, Ohio, was killed instantly, according to The News-Messenger. The driver of the fifth vehicle, 73, was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital.

There were two other passengers in the truck. David Kuhns, 18 was injured and taken to the hospital. Albert Kurtz, 14, was not injured.

Centra’s semi, crashed into a Chevrolet Silverado which then crashed into another semi driven by Larry Evans. Walter S. Mozzochi, 46 who was driving the Silverado was injured and taken to the hospital; his condition is unknown. Evans was not injured.

In addition to the multiple injuries, two tanks of Muscarello’s semi were punctured and spilled 140 gallons of fuel onto the roadway.

The accident and the subsequent clean up caused massive traffic delays. Crews diverted traffic and the roadway was closed until 4 p.m. while a concrete barrier was reset and crews cleaned up the fuel spill.

Police said all parties in the accident were wearing their seat belts and they don’t believe that alcohol played a role in the accident.

This accident demonstrates the disparity in injuries that passenger vehicle occupants and semi occupants suffer in traffic collisions. The size of the semis, tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles can cause extensive damage to the vehicles and individuals who have the misfortune of being involved in an accident with these vehicles.

On top of the fatality and the numerous injuries, this accident resulted in extensive damage to the property and the roadway.

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