Negligent drivers can cause serious problems for others on the roads, especially if they break the law by driving while drunk or making other kinds of crucial mistakes. The driver can be sued even if they never receive a traffic ticket or get arrested. 

A severe accident required part of Interstate 10 in Arizona near Sun Lakes to be shut down after a cement truck and an SUV collided.

Interstate 10 was blocked off for hours after a truck collision

The state’s Department of Public Safety believes that the SUV drove into the truck, causing it to roll over on the highway and injuring the driver in the process. Police totally shut down Interstate 10 eastbound and restricted westbound traffic to one lane after the collision. 

A sergeant with the Department of Public Safety told the local news that they did not have a timeline for reopening the road. He said that there would be a long cleanup and a thorough investigation related to the cause of the accident. 

Police believed that alcohol may have been a factor, so the driver of the SUV is possibly going to be facing criminal charges for driving under the influence and causing the accident. They advised drivers to detour around the area by using State Route 87 or U.S. 60. 

Violations of laws as evidence of negligence

When a driver is at fault for an accident and violates a law such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this information can be useful to the plaintiff in a civil accident case in a number of ways. Most importantly, this kind of evidence can lead to a presumption that the defendant was at fault for the accident, unless there is other evidence to prove their mistake was not actually the cause of the accident. 

While this kind of evidence may be persuasive, it does not take the ultimate decision in the case away from the jury. They will still need to find that the defendant was at fault based on all of the information presented to them at the trial. 

How much money will the victim get?

If the plaintiff is successful and the defendant must pay for their injuries, the amount of damages is usually relative to the severity of the victims injuries and other losses such as missed time from work. Keeping this point in mind, accidents that result in permanent medical conditions, severe trauma, or death tend to pay out the largest settlements and verdicts. 

Injury lawyers can assist you after a truck accident

Anyone who has been hurt by a negligent driver has a right to bring a civil action to try to recover their losses. To speak with a lawyer in the Phoenix area, contact:

Southwest Injury Law 

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