Local news for the Cedar Rapids area reported on video footage of a fire and a crash on Interstate 80 in Walcott, Iowa. They were able to interview a man who saved one of the victims from a burning truck. 

Interstate highway collision damages five vehicles and sends one man to the hospital

The incident happened on a Sunday afternoon just after 4 pm on I-80 eastbound. Five total vehicles were involved in the collision, including a fuel truck, two standard sedans, and two large tractor trailers. Traffic in the area remained totally shut down for at least two hours afterward. 

After their initial investigation, the Iowa State Patrol believes that the accident occurred because one of the tractor trailers collided with the back of the fuel truck, then they both slid towards the side of the road and caught on fire. It was unknown whether the fuel in the tanker ignited and caused the fire, or if it came from one of the other vehicles. 

The tractor trailer driver was brought to a local hospital immediately after the collision for treatment. Rescue workers on the scene believed that the driver would survive, and no other serious injuries were known at the time. Nearby fire departments from Blue Grass, Walcott, and Davenport all responded to assist with the cleanup and investigation. 

One driver was caught inside of a vehicle while it was burning during the accident. The man who saved the victim spoke with the local news. He said that he heard a man’s voice coming from inside, then tried to kick the window out. He was eventually able to break the window with a rod and rescue the man from inside. The man responsible for these heroic actions was apparently an Iowa State police officer for years before becoming a truck driver. A full investigation from the local police and fire departments was still pending. 

Trucking collisions and serious injuries

Truckers have to face all kinds of dangers while they are on the roads for hours at a time hauling large amounts of cargo. Because of the difficulties of staying focused for this long, it is common for drivers to make mistakes and cause accidents. The size and weight of a large truck makes these accidents much more deadly than those involving standard cars. 

Being aware of these dangers, businesses that own trucks and ship large amounts of goods will often purchase high risk fleet insurance. This ensures that they will be able to cover any damages caused by their drivers while working. 

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