A Sunday afternoon accident that occurred in the proximity of the Spaghetti Bowl has sent two persons to nearby hospitals for treatment. As reported by Fox5, the accident was a three-car crash. According to reports compiled by the Nevada Highway Patrol, a pickup truck made an exit from Interstate 15 and was travelling in a southerly direction on Charleston Boulevard when it collided with two cars, a Mustang and a Buick sedan respectively.

Supposedly the impact of the crash affected the frontal area of the truck the worst and the engine compartment of the pickup truck exploded into flames right away. The occupants of the Buick escaped without any substantial injuries.

However, the driver of the pickup and the driver of the Mustang were both rushed in an ambulance to University Medical Center with minor to moderate non-life threatening injuries. The roadway was blocked off for several hours following the crash as Nevada Highway Patrol cleared the debris before reopening that particular lane of the interstate to the public.

Truck Accident legislation in Nevada

Nevada State has a separate section in the law books exclusively for trucking laws which apply to commercial truck operators engaged in transportation of various pay loads. The laws are very extensive and therefore it is vital that anyone seeking to sue a negligent trucking operator or truck driver appoint a qualified Las Vegas NV truck accident attorney who specializes in these laws and will be well aware of exactly how to go about suing these companies and proving their negligence in a court of law.

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Why you need a truck accident attorney

The laws laid down for trucking operators cover a wide spectrum of trucking from operation to maintenance. There are laws in place which effectively put a limit on the weight and volume of the loads trucks are allowed to carry (this of course varies from one type of truck to the other). Furthermore, there are laws which dictate what kind of license and certifications a truck driver should hold.

It dictates the maximum number of work hours a truck driver maybe subjected to in a week (so as to avoid fatigued drivers), and it also mandates how often and in what manner these trucks should be serviced and maintained.

Some truck drivers are also notorious these days for operating under the influence of narcotics, and hence the laws have now enforced measurements to keep a check on such illegal and potentially fatal practices. Truck/commercial drivers are also subjected to much more stringent DUI laws. While a non-commercial adult driver may technically be allowed to drive with a blood alcohol content lower than 0.08%, there is zero tolerance policy towards truck drivers.

The aforementioned laws are only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to trucking laws and are only the most basic guidelines. There are a lot more regulations at place. To acquire a complete understanding of what do if affected by a negligent truck driver or trucking company, it is prudent to consult an experienced Las Vegas NV truck accident attorney, who will guide you every step of the way and ensure that you are paid every penny that you deserve for your losses.