Trucks often carry loads of dangerous or heavy objects that can create serious hazards on the roads when they fall off. A dump truck that may have been stolen led police on a chase through Portland and left debris all over the interstate and surrounding roads.

Dump truck causes problems on the roads with gravel spill

On a Friday night, Portland’s central bureau of police started to receive emergency calls about piles of gravel on Interstate 5 that were causing traffic issues. The rocks could be seen from the Naito Parkway entrance ramp for the next several miles of the highway until police caught up to a slow moving dump truck that was spilling gravel onto the road. Police eventually deployed road spikes, but the driver was still attempting to flee even after the tires were almost completely worn down.

The 50 year old male suspect was eventually caught by the police when five law enforcement vehicles were able to surround the truck near Southwest Capitol Highway. He was charged with crimes related to evading arrest, reckless driving, and interfering with public transportation. Miraculously, no one was injured, but the traffic on Southwest Barbur Boulevard and surrounding areas had to be stopped for hours to clean up over five miles of streets covered in gravel.

Trucks that cause accidents and property damage with debris

As a general rule, a trucking company is responsible for any debris or cargo that causes damage to other drivers or property on the road. They need to secure any load on the bed of the vehicle by following relevant transportation procedures or utilizing security straps to fasten the load onto the truck’s bed. A violation of these rules can result in traffic citations for transporting an unsecured load.

Negligence acts of truck drivers

If the driver has not taken the proper safety precautions to secure their cargo, this is strong evidence of negligence. When the unsecured load causes accidents and property damage, the victims can file a civil negligence lawsuit to make the business or person responsible pay all damages caused by their unsecured cargo.

Intervening criminal acts

This story involved a struck that may have been stolen. Businesses will not be responsible for intervening criminal acts in most situations. However, if they engaged in a practice like negligent hiring or had insufficient security to prevent accidents from happening, they may still be held accountable in a civil lawsuit for their failure to protect the public from a known harm. If there are criminal actions involved in any trucking accident, it is important to disclose this to your attorney so they can formulate the proper litigation strategy. Remember that a civil lawsuit can always be filed separately regardless of whether someone is charged criminally, or even if the criminal case against them is eventually dropped or they are acquitted.

Talk to a local truck accident attorney

There are lawyers in Portland and nearby parts of Oregon who are experts in dealing with motor vehicle accidents. They can assist you with a lawsuit against a business or driver who caused injuries and property damage.