In most cases, the victim of a semi-truck accident will almost certainly be able to sue and get compensated for the pain which they had to endure. When it comes to semi-truck accidents it is not always necessary that a person will directly sue the truck driver because in many cases a collision of such a large scale is not entirely the truck drivers fault. There are many other parties who need to be questioned and interviewed to see if they can be brought in to the lawsuit and litigated against alongside the driver.

What damages can I claim if I am hit by a semi-truck?

If a driver is hit by a semi-truck they will be able to claim compensatory damages and also punitive damages. Compensatory damages allow for a person to receive money from the guilty party in order for them to pay off their actual medical and other bills which were accumulated because of the collision.

Punitive damages, on the other hand, act as extra financial compensation a person can retrieve from the guilty party as a form of punishment to them for their negligence. Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit involving a semi-truck is often very complicated. A person should reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Arlington, VA if they want to ensure that they win the maximum amount of compensation which they are eligible for in their case.

A lawyer will also be able to inform a person if they should just file a case for compensatory damages or if they should file a case for punitive damages as well. Trucking laws are quite different from ordinary vehicle laws and an attorney will be able to build a person’s case based on these complicated trucking laws.  A person will always be better off having the legal process after an accident taken care of by a professional.

Who do I sue if the truck driver is an independent contractor?

When the truck driver is an independent contractor there are generally fewer parties who have to go under investigation. In this case, the truck driver will usually be held entirely possible. However, if the truck they are driving was not owned by them, a person also has the option of trying to pursue legal action against the truck owner depending on what sort of agreement they had made with the driver.

When the trucker is working as an employee the matter is quite different and a person has the option of suing the trucker themselves, the trucking company, the owner of the truck, the cargo company, and other related parties.

Once again having the assistance of a legal professional can be very beneficial in a situation such as this because of the wealth of knowledge they have on trucking laws and regulations. They know exactly what facts have to be included when filing the case and what forms of evidence to collect in order to convince the court to give the victim of the accident the compensation they deserve.