Driving large trucks for a living is dangerous business, and it becomes even more dangerous if the driver has been using drugs or alcohol recently. Large trucks take up more space than regular cars on the road and require special training to maneuver. The damage they cause in accidents is also amplified due to their size. This is why truck drivers who use narcotics are a serious problem for the rest of us. Their job requires even more focus and attention than normal driving, and accidents that involve the use of controlled substances tend to produce very disastrous results. A recent story demonstrates how things can go wrong.

Marietta Man Hurt in Serious Collision with a Dump Truck

A man from Marietta sustained injures after being hit by a dump truck on Atlanta Road. The Cobb County Police have identified a 59 year old man named Eddie Miller as the injured party. He was driving his Chrysler in the middle of the afternoon going northbound when a Mack RD600 dump truck traveling southbound struck him. Police suspect that Miller may have crossed the double line in the middle of the road while he was driving. The dump truck driver was not injured in the accident, but he was charged with a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana at the scene. Miller’s injuries were considered serious and he was taken to a local hospital.

How does a Lawyer proceed after this kind of Incident?

Lawsuits involving truck accidents are generally about proving who is at fault for the injuries and property damage. When there is evidence of drug use, a lawyer can use this information to make a strong claim for negligence. Negligence is the legal term for careless driving that causes injury to others. When these facts involving illegal drugs are told to a jury, it can sound very bad for a defendant driver or trucking company. This is why cases such involving drugs or alcohol use tend to settle out of court for substantial amounts of money.

Under Georgia law, there is a doctrine called comparative negligence that divides the amount fault between drivers in an accident. The amount of money a plaintiff can collect is relative to this amount of fault compared to the other driver. However, drivers in Georgia can still collect even when they are at fault and evidence of another driver’s impairment from drugs or alcohol can also be factored into this result. Experienced lawyers can give a more thorough explanation of how this doctrine can be applied to each case.

There are a number of other factors to consider in a truck accident as well. Drivers sometimes do not meet the proper licensing or training requirements. Construction crews or local governments may be responsible for improperly maintained or dangerous roads. Truckers may choose to speed to save time or fall asleep after several hours behind the wheel. Your lawyer can do their own investigation to obtain all of this information on your behalf, and then use it to help you win the case. Other parties aside from the individual trucker and their employer may be joined in the lawsuit if they are at fault for any of the reasons mentioned.

Contact a Lawyer Experienced in Truck Accidents

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