If a tow truck damaged your vehicle in Knoxville, TN as a result of it being towed or another truck caused property damage to your car and you are wondering whether you can sue the company to recover compensation for the repairs that your vehicle now needs, read on below as we will address this question along with others.


After a trucking company causes your vehicle to sustain damage and you aren’t able to recoup the money you need from their insurer, you do have the option of taking your case to small claims court, which is also referred to as Civil Sessions Court. However, you are advised to consult with a Knoxville, TN truck accident lawyer beforehand to be sure you stand a chance at winning your case and that you have all the evidence you need to prove that the company should, in fact, compensate you for the damage their driver caused.


What is the maximum amount of compensation I can recover in Civil Sessions Court?


When you choose to file a lawsuit against a trucking company other than one that is run and operated by the city of Knoxville, you are permitted to ask for up $25,000. Now, just because you are allowed to file a lawsuit for this amount doesn’t mean you will actually get it. You will need to prepare yourself for court so that you can build a solid case and potentially win what you need to make the necessary repairs to your vehicle.


How do I prepare for court?


Now, once you speak with a truck crash lawyer and proceed to file a lawsuit, you will want to bring all the proof you have along with any witnesses that can attest that the trucking company did, in fact, cause your vehicle to sustain damage.Some items you might consider bringing include:

  • Pictures or videos
  • Estimates of what the damage is worth.
  • Additional forms of proof that can help your case.

[Source: Knox County Tennessee].


When should I consider taking my case to a higher court?


Knoxville, TN truck accident attorneys

It would be in your best interest to meet with a Knoxville, TN truck accident lawyer if the collision you were involved in caused you to suffer from physical injuries.

Now, if you suffered an injury and your vehicle sustained damage, you may be looking to recover more than $25,000 in damages. Now, although we recommend you hire a Knoxville, TN truck crash attorney when filing a lawsuit in small claims court, it is highly recommended that you retain a lawyer if you suffered injuries. The fact is, you will need someone who knows how to navigate the legal system and is familiar with all of the laws that can be used to help support your case. When you attempt to take legal action on your own and you are looking to recover a significant amount of money, you aren’t going to want to represent yourself when the trucking company has hired an attorney of their own who can refute your claims and potentially get your case thrown out.

Therefore, if you are interested in filing a lawsuit in a higher court or even wish to file your suit in small claims court, contact the TN truck accident lawyers at Hagood Moody Hodge PLC. The attorneys at this firm are not only experienced in handling truck accident-related cases but possess unique and valuable skills that can be applied in the courtroom to help you recover the compensation you not only need but also deserve.


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