Nassau County Vehicle Accidents rank second among the top ten in New York Counties according to 2017 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Data.  A percentage of those occurred from accidents involving trucks.  The trucking industry brought approximately $676 billion dollars that same year in revenue, simultaneously increasing highway driving risks resulting in death or injury occurring every sixteen minutes in the United States.  Even minor injuries from a tractor trailer rollover may be costly enough to seek legal advice on what action to take.

Truck Driver Laws in NY.

Truck drivers must follow New York State driving laws and restrictions on what highways they are allowed to ride upon per Section 385 of the Vehicle & Traffic Law, a 53-foot trailer is allowed only limited travel through New York City to reach destinations on Long Island, using the following routes: I-95 – from Bronx/Westchester County line to I-295; I-295 – from I-95 to Throgs Neck Bridge to the Long Island Expressway (I-495); I-495 – from I-295 to Queens/Nassau County line; and 53-foot long trailers are not allowed to make pick-ups or deliveries in any of the boroughs of New York City.

What should I do if I am involved in a truck accident in Nassau County, New York?

  1. If you are able, check on the condition of the people involved in the accident;
  2. Call the police or emergency responders if needed;
  3. Get a written accident report;
  4. Remain at the accident scene;
  5. Exchange driver and insurance information;
  6. Get witness contact information;
  7. Call your insurance company to set up a claim;
  8. Seek out medical treatment if necessary;
  9. Take pictures of the scene, and the vehicle damages;
  10. If the truck is a Commercial Vehicle, get State Trooper report;
  11. Call an accident attorney to determine “fault” and actions toward a proceeding to address damages and injuries sustained.

There are a variety of causes for truck accidents causing a span of injuries from minor ones to wrongful death claims.  Common types of accidents involving trucks include rollover, jackknife, and underride accidents.  Rollover and jackknife accidents occur when the driver brakes causing the trailer to slide around toward the front of the cab, and in a rollover the truck will turn sideways and begin to roll.  Any of these types of accidents can cause damage to nearby vehicles due to the extreme difference in size and weight.  Most truck accidents leave victims with severe, life altering injuries that can cause future loss and pain and suffering.  Even minor injuries because of a tractor trailer accident should be investigated by insurance and legal professionals who can help figure out if a claim is warranted due to costs from any type of injury requiring medical professionals or hospitals may still rack up expenses you cannot cover.  Claims can be made for medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering and future earnings.  If a death occurs due to the accident, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed.

Legal Professional Services.

Hiring a legal professional to assist with the burden of collecting and analyzing the data related to your case is a viable solution to this overwhelming task if you are an accident victim who sustained damages caused by a truck driver. Determining the percentage of fault is a matter for those who have reviewed police reports, witness reports, car damages, roadway marks and other factors present at the time of the accident.  Determining charges based upon acts of negligence that caused the truck-involved accident is a matter for the law enforcement agencies.  For example, in the case of wrongful death that was caused by criminal actions such as being under the influence of an illegal narcotic, there may be criminal actions placed upon truck drivers in that situation, along with civil actions.