truck accident lawyers in Flagstaff, AZ

If you are not pleased with how your AZ truck accident lawyer is handling your claim, you do hold the right to fire him or her and hire a new legal representative to take over your case.

You were involved in a truck collision is Flagstaff and suffered injuries as a result. You consulted with a local attorney who informed you that you have a viable case worth pursuing. You decided to hire him/her to represent you in an effort to collect the compensation they claimed you are due.

After signing a few documents and paying the necessary fees given the lawyer doesn’t work on a contingency basis, you are finding that you aren’t quite content with how they are handling your case and you are considering firing them and looking for a new one. But can you? Are you allowed to fire a lawyer who has already started working on your truck accident case only to retain a new legal representative?

Like many people, you might be uncertain as to whether you can let go of the current attorney who is working for you and retain a new one to take over. The answer is yes, you can. If you aren’t satisfied with how your lawyer is handling your case, it may be time to consult with a few others to find out if there is another legal professional out there that might be more suitable to handle the job.


Common Reasons Why Accident Victims Fire Their Lawyers After They Started Working on Their Case


  1. Your lawyer doesn’t return your calls promptly. While it is understandable that your attorney is busy assisting other clients and is likely called to court regularly, you shouldn’t have to wait several days or even a week or two to hear back from him or her. If you find that you are having to spend time tracking your lawyer down just so that you can discuss your case or get a question answered, you might want to consider looking for a new legal representative who will make themselves available to speak with you when you need them.


  1. You are having trouble getting in touch with your attorney. If, every time you contact your lawyer’s firm to speak with him or her you are transferred to a secretary or an assistant to discuss your case, you may consider finding a new attorney if you prefer to work with an actual lawyer and not the employees they hired to help them.


  1. Your truck accident lawyer isn’t filing documents with the court in a timely manner. The personal injury lawsuit process is lengthy and one that requires a considerate amount of time and attention. There are several documents that must be filed with the court so that your case can move on to the next phase and eventually get resolved. However, if your lawyer isn’t filing the necessary documents or they are taking a significant amount of time to do so, perhaps you need someone who can give your case the attention it needs.


truck accident lawyers in Flagstaff, AZ

If you think you would be better off hiring a new truck accident attorney to handle your case, can help you find and retain a lawyer in your area who is more than willing to assist you.

Now, if you are interested in consulting with a few other truck accident lawyers in Flagstaff, AZ to see if they might be better at handling your truck accident case, contact today and we will connect you with some of the best attorneys that are closest to you.