Truck accidents can sometimes cause fires or other hazards that produce additional dangers on the roads. Possible reasons that a vehicle will catch on fire aside from impact include a defective design or inadequate safety features. A man was killed when his pickup truck went on fire in Tempe, Arizona.

Deadly pickup truck fire in Tempe

The incident occurred at the intersections of 48th Street and Roeser Road at 7 pm on a Wednesday night. A detective with the Tempe police stated that the truck was already engulfed in flames when they arrived. The victim was removed from the cab of the vehicle and treated for injuries immediately. Rescue crews on the scene also discovered that the man had recently sustained a gunshot wound, although it was unknown how this happened or if it contributed to his death. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital trauma center, but he died some time later. The police have not yet released his identity or an official cause of the accident, as it is still under investigation. This was a single car accident with no other vehicles involved.

What caused the fire?

As a general rule, cars are not supposed to catch on fire during normal use, and fires usually indicate some kind of serious problem with the vehicle, even after a collision. Many cars and trucks are recalled each year due to things like defective parts that can cause injuries, fires, and other issues.

Typical accident lawsuits

Most motor vehicle accident lawsuits will attempt to make the driver responsible for causing an accident pay for property damage and medical costs. This is a kind of civil case called a negligence lawsuit. However, there are some situations where cars suddenly experienced unintended failures that are disastrous.

Products liability lawsuits

Defectively designed or manufactured cars fall under an area of tort law and personal injury law called products liability. This essentially means that the business that designed and manufactured a product can be sued if that product causes injuries or death during normal use.

Incidents involving motor vehicles are a significant number of products liability cases, because sudden malfunctions on the road are very serious.

Theories of liability

In the state of Arizona, an attorney can proceed on a number of different theories for a products liability action. These can either be a standard negligence case, strict liability for defective manufacture and design, or insufficient warnings included with the product. In the case of automobile accidents, negligence or improper design and manufacturing are most likely to be the culprit, as the risks of driving are apparent to all drivers. The main defense a business will have is related to improper or unintended uses of the product that resulted in disastrous consequences due to the user rather than a problem with the product itself.

Speak with a lawyer about the possibility of a truck accident lawsuit

If you have been injured by a truck driver or if you believe your truck has malfunctioned and caused harm, there is help available. Local attorneys in Tempe and other parts of Arizona can give you advice about how to proceed and the potential value of your case.