While trucks are usually considered a hazard by other drivers on the road, sometimes a larger vehicle can injure a truck driver. A fatal accident just south of Chicago involved a truck driver and an Amtrak train.

Train collides with truck in University Park Illinois

Investigators believe the accident was caused by the driver attempting to go around the active gates, which signal that the train is coming. The Amtrak locomotive struck the truck while going approximately 70 miles per hour on the track towards Carbondale. The 77 year old male driver was killed instantly from the impact.

Out of hundreds of passengers on the train, only two minor injuries were reported when five cars derailed. All of the passengers were stranded at the scene while the preliminary investigation took place. Amtrak eventually sent charter buses to the area to take the passengers to Governor’s State University while other transportation arrangements were made. A number of other train routes through the area also had to be cancelled due to the accident.

Amtrak said the lights and warning signs for the gate at the scene of the accident were working properly. There will also be an autopsy performed on the deceased trucker by the local coroner.

The dangers of trucking

Trucking can actually be a very dangerous business. Truckers have to work long hours and avoid dangerous road conditions and other obstacles while experiencing the stress of making their deliveries on time. When a trucker is injured or killed while working, it is possible to file a lawsuit to pay for their expenses. In most cases, the trucker’s employer will also be responsible as long as the driver was engaged in their normal job duties when the accident occurred. This is a significant aspect of any accident that involves workers, as many businesses will have specific kinds of insurance or other financial means of paying for injuries.

Truck accident lawsuits

Most motor vehicle accidents are filed as negligence cases. These means that any responsible party, like another driver or train operator, made a costly mistake that resulted in injuries, property damage, or death. In a case such as this, Amtrak will be attached as a defendant in the lawsuit because they are at least partially responsible for the injuries.

The value of the accident is calculated based on the expenses and other problems that the injured party had to endure as a result of the accident. The specific claim that can be made after all deadly accidents is called a wrongful death action. This is a special type of case that can be filed in Illinois and every other state to pay for things like funeral expenses, medical treatment, and the victim’s future lost wages. There are only certain surviving family members who are eligible to file a wrongful death claim on the victim’s behalf, so the assistance of a lawyer is important to make sure the case proceeds properly.

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