Drivers of tankers can always reduce accidents by being careful and abiding by the laws. Contact a Florida lawyer if you have been involved in an accident in Alachua County with a big rig and need to be compensated for injuries.


Trucks impact highway deaths.

United States highway statistics reveal over 500,000 truck accidents occurring every year and most of those are involved in multi-vehicle crash situations. Tanker trucks may be more dangerous than regular large trailer carriers because of the weight distribution and the type of substance they are carrying, such as flammable liquid which caused a higher death toll in a collision in Alachua County Florida when two large trucks, a van and a mid-size automobile collided on I-75 leaving 7 people dead.

CDL licensure.

Drivers of big rigs and tankers must have proper training and licensure to handle and maintain their carriers in a safe manner.  It is the law to have a commercial drivers license if you want to drive a load-carrying vehicle.

Driving records.

Commercial driver’s records can show ticketed repeat offenses including speeding or improper maintenance of vehicles, as was the case in the Alachua accident where the deceased driver may have been at fault.  It was later revealed that over the years leading up to the crash he was cited multiple times for speeding and also for not maintaining his vehicle.

Tanker driver actions that may reduce accidents include:

  1. Controlling surges – liquid surges can cause trailers to roll over when braking even though some tanks have baffles that control forward and backward surges, they do not control side to side movement. Consistent brake pressure can assist in surge control.
  2. Maintaining long stopping distances – a simple measure that will allow more reaction time, and decrease the likelihood of an impact.
  3. Driving smoothly to keep liquid from moving around too much and upsetting truck balance.
  4. Avoiding skidding by driving with control, and moving slower in bad weather situations.
  5. Observing speed limits to make certain you are driving safely for the type of roadway you are traveling. This will also allow more reaction time to other vehicles or road and weather situations.

Florida Insurance.

Commercial Motor Vehicles require additional liability insurance under Florida Statute 627.7415, and Bodily Injury Insurance. Certain trucks and commercial vehicles in the State of Florida must carry bodily injury liability coverage, which is additional protection against claims from others for personal injuries an accident with a truck.

Damage recovery.

Accident victims can file a personal injury claim under Florida’s No-Fault Insurance Law, and if there are extensive personal injuries, or wrongful death claims, legal action can be pursued where fault will  need to be determined by utilizing the “pure comparative negligence rule” meaning that if a party is responsible for any part of the activities that led to your injury, the compensation you will receive will be adjusted in accordance with the percentage of fault assigned to you.

Contact an attorney.truck accident lawyers in Alachua County Florida

Compensation will be based up a review of property damage and bodily injury, liability insurance including uninsured motorist coverage, lost wages, loss of income, medical bills, wrongful death and the percentage of fault assigned to all accident parties.  A Florida personal injury attorney who specializes in truck accidents will be able to assist with the burden of collecting and analyzing the data related to an accident that caused extensive damages and death.