Driver fatigue and lax work zone safety to blame for fatal California bus vs. semi-truck crash.

Sacramento, CA- A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) places part of the blame for a 2016 deadly truck accident that left 13 people dead om Caltrans. In their report, which was released October 23, 2017, the agency noted that “inadequate” traffic management and fatigue caused the fatal wreck with a tour bus.

NTSB Report Cites Truck Driver and Caltrans for Deadly Tour Bus Crash

In the preliminary report, the NTSB blames drowsiness, and poor traffic planning for a deadly crash that killed thirteen tour bus passengers of outside Palm Springs, California in October 2016.

The report says that both the bus driver and the truck driver were fatigued when the bus slammed into the rear of the tractor-trailer that had stopped near a highway work zone. The bus, which was traveling at a highway speed 55 to 65 mph, did not try to slow down and “intruded 13 feet into the trailer,” according to the NTSB.

The bus driver and 12 passengers died, and over 30 bus passengers and the tractor-trailer driver were injured.

According to the NTSB abstract, state police stopped traffic on the eastbound and westbound sides of Interstate 10 around 5:00 a.m. so that road crews could do utility work. After a few minutes, they allowed traffic to begin moving again, but one tractor-trailer remained stopped. Not long after traffic began to flow again, a tour bus coming from a casino trip slammed into the rear of the tractor-trailer at highway speed.

The NTSB faulted Caltrans for stopping highway traffic near a utility work zone and for failing to utilize signs and other warnings about work zone. The board suggested that signage and additional patrols could have prevented the accident.

This accident serves as a reminder that more than one party can be at-fault for a semi-truck accident.

Filing an injury clam against the City of Sacramento or the state of California.

Claims Against a Municipal, County or State Entity in California

If a government entity in California is fully or partially responsible for their truck accident, a victim must follow a different set of rules to file a truck accident claim. Those rules are outlined in the California Tort Claims Act (Government Code §§ 810-996.6). To file a claim against the city of Sacramento, the Sacramento County government or California state agency:

You must file a personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death claim within six months of your accident. The legal term for that is the statute of limitations.

You must file your claim with the municipal, county or state agency’s governing board.

After you file your claim, an agency has 45 days to respond to respond to your complaint.

Those are just a few of requirements you must meet to recover compensation for your truck accident. An injury claim can get complicated, which is why USAttorneys recommends you speak to a truck accident lawyer in California.

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