Oakland, CA- A California woman was killed Monday when a gravel truck tipped over and landed on top of her car as she was in the process of moving it from her driveway.

The accident occurred in Martinez, which is approximately 33 miles north east of Oakland, as crews worked to improve sidewalks in the area.

Police said that one of the workers asked 32-year-old Lindsey Combs to move her car out of her driveway, but she never had the chance. Combs was sitting in her car when the truck, loaded with 20 tons of gravel, tipped over and trapped her inside.

Combs was crushed by the truck and was dead before crews could dig her out of the wreckage.

The truck was on contract with the city to improve sidewalks in the area. An unidentified truck driver who witnessed the crash told ABC that the driver of gravel truck should not have been dumping such a heavy load on an incline,

The owner of the truck, Greg Menna of vouched for the driver, telling ABC 7 News that the driver worked for his company Greg’s Trucking for 25 years.

Combs’ 4-year-old daughter was home at the time, and witnessed the horrific accident, ABC News 7 reported.

This accident shows that commercial trucks, given their weight, can be deadly on and off the road. It also demonstrates the difficulty of determining who is at fault when a tragedy like this one occurs. A truck driver could have made the wrong decision, leading to an accident. Or, the decisions of a trucking company may be to blame.

Victims of truck accidents don’t always realize how complicated truck accidents can be, often assuming they are like car accidents, but they are significantly different in numerous ways. While it may be easy to point the blame at a driver in car accident, the same is not true of truck accidents. Driver error such as distracted driving, may be the sole cause of an accident. An accident may result from an improperly maintained truck. Or, both the trucking company and truck driver may both be at-fault for a deadly or injurious accident.

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