Sacramento, CA- A truck accident involving a large tractor-trailer can be caused by a number of factors and almost always entail some sort of negligence either in the part of a passenger vehicle motorist, a truck driver or a trucking company. One of the leading causes of truck accidents in California, and the nation as a whole, is mechanical failure and poorly function brakes are often the main culprit.

This year in California there have been two major truck accidents which highlight the dangers a tractor-trailer, with failing brakes, poses to the state’s motorists.

In April, an accident involving a FedEx tractor-trailer collided with a bus carrying college students head-on, causing both vehicles to burst into flames. Ten people died, including the FedEx driver, 32 year-old Tim Evans.

In November, the FedEx driver’s widow, Candice Evans, spoke told CBS Sacramento and told them she is still waiting to find out what happened on the fateful day her husband and eight others were killed.  She told the TV station she still doesn’t have answers about what caused her husband’s accident.

Evans told CBS that her husband had a clean driving and as a father he was extremely safety conscious, so she doesn’t understand how the accident happened. Phone records show he wasn’t talking or texting, he had plenty of sleep-8 eight hours- before his driving shift and he wasn’t intoxicated. A NTSB report  found  Evans didn’t brake before the collision. All these facts make it easy for  Evans to believe brake failure or other mechanical issue caused this catastrophic accident.

“I think there’s a possibility that the brakes were not working correctly,” she told CBS. “There may have been something mechanically wrong with the tractor trailer he was operating.”

The NTSB is still investigating this accident so we can only speculate about the cause.

A more recent truck accident, which occurred in Santa Cruz in July, left one man dead and involved a total of eleven cars.

After the accident, the truck driver told police he was unable to stop before he slammed into a line of traffic that had slowed on Interstate 17. He said tried to avoid the accident by making evasive maneuvers, but  couldn’t stop because the brakes on his truck failed.

The driver of the fifth car, Daniel McGuire, was killed and seven others were suffered a range of injuries from minor to serious. McGuire’s family also believe the truck driver lacked the necessary training to prevent the accident because he had only been driving for three months.

Trucking companies and independent operators have a duty it ensure their vehicles are in safe working order. The have the duty to make certain all the repairs their rigs require are conducted in a timely fashion, and unsafe trucks are not out on the roads. If a driver or company allows a dangerous vehicle on the road and someone is injured or killed, they are liable for the victim’s medical costs and emotional duress.

Truck accident victims in Sacramento can to turn to a truck accident attorney when they want to pursue a negligent driver or company for compensation. A just settlement if in your reach when you have the unparalleled legal representation of truck accident attorney.