Truck accidents can lead to deadly injuries.

Orange, CA- There are several reasons why large commercial trucks can be so hazardous on the road. In addition to being the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road, commercial trucks have a high profile and therefore it’s easy for a motorist to slide underneath. That fact is exhibited by a recent fatal accident in California shows. It also gives rise to the question: Would an underride guard have saved the young man’s life?

The accident occurred Wednesday, April 13, in San Diego as a 23-year-old man was exiting State Route 52 and ran a red light, Fox 5 reports. As he entered the intersection, the young man’s SUV broadsided a tractor-trailer and slid underneath.

Fox 5 reports that the man was pinned inside his vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are not sure if the man was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

The truck driver was not injured, and he was not at fault for this accident.

It’s hard to say for any specific accident whether or not particular safety equipment would prevent someone’s death, but there is data to show that underride guards could save some accident victim’s lives. That may not have been the case for this accident since the young man hit the semi at a high rate of speed, but in some cases, an underride guard can keep a moderate accident from turning into a tragedy.

Federal agencies haven't taken standards for underride guards seriously.

Federal agencies haven’t taken standards for underride guards seriously.

A 2011 study, conducted on behalf of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found that stronger rear underride guards and side underride guards could save 250 lives each year and prevent 5,000 accident injuries each year.

Spinal, neck and head injuries are common in truck accidents.

But, unfortunately, federal regulations regarding underride guards are minimal, and the regulations are weak. Federal trucking regulations only require tractor-trailers to have underride guards on the rear and those standards are very minimal. In many cases, underride guards are decaying or crumbling and don’t offer any protection from sliding under the rear.  Although, safety advocates put continuous pressure on the trucking industry and federal agencies to develop stricter underride guard policies and require them for the side as well.

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