If you are injured and suffered losses in a negligently caused truck accident, standout legal scholars explain that you ought to be able to acquire compensation from your auto insurer for the damages without much trouble.

Now Vermont is not a crowded state and some information is hard to come by. Vermont is not known for its heavy traffic but in 2010 they did record 3 deaths in large trucks via FindTheData. Every life is precious and if you can save a life and you do not do anything about it and you have the means to do so without it being an undue burden on society, that is dereliction.

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However, in certain circumstances, especially in auto accidents involving minor injuries or where the property damage caused is not substantial, it may prove to be tricky for a victim to actually get money from his/her auto insurer.

This is where a lawyer can prove to be invaluable in helping you recover the money you deserve. Even if you made a claim yourself and it was denied by the auto insurance company, your legal representative can appeal the denial and turn the tables around.  

 Can you appeal a denied truck accident insurance claim?

Unfortunately, many insurers will outright deny an insurance claim and the reason for this is because it often works in their best interest. Majority of claimants who have their claims denied simply give up and this way the insurance company does not have to dig into their pockets at all. However, legally speaking, astute attorneys reiterate that you do have the right to appeal a denied claim or take the matter to court. To establish a claim for bad faith brought against the insurer you will have to show that:

  • The insurer did not have reasonable grounds to deny the claim in accordance with the policy
  • The insurer knowingly disregarded the fact that it had no reasonable grounds for denying the claim

Check your policy’s terms and conditions

The truck accident that you were involved in may well have been negligently caused and you may have suffered from injuries or damages for no fault of yours.

No one wants to be in a truck accident. But if you are, you need a lawyer.

However, despite those facts, what it all boils down to is the terms and conditions mentioned in your policy. If you are within the scope of your policy then yes, you have a case and can appeal the denial of the claim. However, if the policy simply does not cover what happened to you, then you are out of luck, you may still appeal the denial, but you will only be wasting your own time and money.

However, in such a case, instead of looking to your own accident insurer for compensation, you may still seek legal recourse and file a civil lawsuit against the liable parties, be it the trucker or the trucking company. If you are able to prove the lawsuit with evidence, then the defendants will be legally obligated to compensate you for the damages caused, say truck accident legal representatives.

Now this scenario though, certainly regarding deaths and drivers over all (not just trucks), and according to 2014 stats, is looking better. Kevin Marshia, who is the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance chairman, said to the Burlington Free Press, things are looking brighter since this state has not seen this few traffic deaths since WWII (1944). The number dropped 37 percent to sit at 44 deaths.

If you find yourself in a situation where your truck accident claim is denied or wish to file a fresh claim, the first step you ought to take is to seek legal counsel. A Vermont truck accident lawyer will be able to draft a concrete and solid demand letter for you which an auto insurer simply cannot deny.