Brake violations are common for commercial truck operators and can cause a major crash.

Truck accident lawyer in New Jersey explains the role brakes play in truck crashes

Newark, NJ- Given the extreme weight of a commercial truck, they need to be in sound working order, with all systems and parts functioning properly. Sadly, too many truck drivers and trucking companies neglect the mechanics of their trucks and an accident can result. A recent truck accident in New Jersey demonstrates the dangers of failing brakes on commercial trucks.

Failing brakes possible cause of recent New Jersey semi crash

Police in Allamuchy Township believe failing brakes may be the reason a tractor-trailer plowed into a storefront on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. The New Jersey Herald reports that the truck was traveling on County Route 517 when the truck driver turned onto Old Hackettstown Road and was unable to brake. The truck then ran through a person’s yard and driving through a thicket of trees.

The New Jersey Herald reports that the entire cab of the tractor-trailer entered the Allamuchy General Store. Luckily, no one besides the store owner was inside; he was able to walk out of the store on his own.

Although no one was injured in the crash, it did cause extensive damage to the store. There was also a small fuel spill that took a few hours to clean up.

The truck driver has not been issued and traffic summons, but he could be later depending on the results of the investigation police told the New Jersey Herald.

Balding tires, worn-out transmissions, and defective lights can lead to a truck accident.

Balding tires, worn-out transmissions, and defective lights can lead to a truck accident.

The role of brake failure in New Jersey truck accidents

Mechanical failure causes ten percent of fatal commercial truck and bus accidents in the U.S. according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s latest Large Truck Crash Causation Study. Brake failure is one of the leading cause of truck wrecks attributed to mechanical failure.

Worn or failing brakes can make it hard for a vehicle to stop in an emergency, so drivers and trucking companies have a duty make sure the brakes on a truck are repaired in a timely fashion. Even an experienced truck driver can have difficulties maintaining controlling their vehicles. Failing brakes combined with excessive speed dramatically increases a driver’s chance of causing a crash.

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Other mechanical problems that can lead to an accident

Brake failure is common for semis, tankers, and other commercial trucks, but other mechanical problems can lead to a catastrophic truck accident. Other mechanical issues include:

Balding and underinflated tires

Defective brake lights or turn signals

Transmission problems

Worn steering systems

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