Boston, MA – A flatbed truck driver backed over his coworker in a recent fatal truck accident.

Police responded to a 911 call at 3:30 p.m. that reported a pedestrian who had been hit by a truck. According to, a tragic truck accident occurred just outside of Boston when a driver accidentally backed over his coworker, killing him instantly. Chief of the Norwood Police Department, Bill Brooks, says that the incident is “just an accident.”

Investigators are currently still putting together the puzzle pieces of this horrific truck accident. Both the truck driver and the passenger worked for the same trucking company, Sunbird Transport. Brooks says the victim had been working with the driver in the hours leading up to the accident. He believes the driver clearly didn’t see the victim when he was backing up, “and ran him over in the process.”

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Authorities report that the two Sunbird Transport workers had been in the middle of making a standard delivery. They were in the middle of unpacking roofing supplies for another job at a construction site down the road when tragedy struck.

The Police Chief says that there are no signs that point toward the driver being under the influence or anything else along those lines. After the accident, the truck driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Brooks tells the news outlet that truck accidents like these are extremely painful, especially when the people involved knew each other and worked together.

Unfortunately, accidents are bound to happen in the trucking industry.They can be devastating in more ways than one; they can take your health, your livelihood, and even a loved one.

If you’re the victim of a truck accident in Boston, then it may be because of a negligent truck driver. In order to get the personal injury settlement you are entitled to, you need an experienced truck accident attorney who can prove negligence on the part of the truck driver.

The components to proving driver negligence are:

  • Duty. You must establish a legal duty from one party to the other. In Massachusetts truck accident cases, this means it is the trucking company’s duty to uphold safe maintenance and loading practices, and the driver’s duty to drive both responsibly and with respect to the law.
  • Breach. There was a breach of the aforementioned legal duty by one party neglecting to act as described above.
  • Causation. The offender’s actions or inactions is responsible for your injuries or damages to your property.
  • Damages. You suffered injuries as a direct result of the other party’s behavior.

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