Trucking laws are strict- and for a good reason. When a truck loses control and rams into other vehicles, the road immediately becomes a serious hazard for anyone nearby. The massive size and excess weight of these enormous commercial automobiles result in them causing a lot more damage than regular motor vehicles. These damages include injuries, property damage, and similar lawsuits. Not only are the results tragic and catastrophic, but they are also legally complex and financially compromising as well.

Once the victim of the accident has gone through the initial process of hiring a truck accident lawyer, they can dive into the investigation process. The investigation is necessary to determine liability and negligence so a person can receive compensation from the relevant party. However, a person will not be able to conduct this investigation on their own because to understand the outcomes of it a person must have a thorough understanding of trucking laws in Idaho.

If truck drivers, the trucking company, or a relevant third party fail to follow the rules put forth by the DOT and FMSCA, then they can be held legally accountable for the harm their irresponsibility caused. Every law is put in place to make the roads a safer place. If these rules are broken, then the necessary legal penalties will follow, and it will become easier for the victim to seek compensation for the harm that was done to them.

Some essential trucking laws to consider include:

  • Drivers must be appropriately qualified
  • Drivers must be of age (intrastate truck drivers must be at least 18, whereas interstate drivers must be at least 21)
  • The speed limit must be adhered to based on the gross weight of the vehicle
  • Cargo and total weight limits must be followed
  • The legal-size limit for the truck must be followed
  • The necessary lights and warning signs must be put up for heavy loads
  • The time restrictions and hours of service for operating the vehicles must be adhered to

An investigation may uncover a violation of any of these rules, and when that occurs, a person can present their evidence to receive compensation from the party who was at fault for the collision.

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Truck accident cases are usually quite complex when looked at through the legal eye. The reason for their complex nature is because of the various parties involved and because of how complex the law can be regarding commercial vehicles.

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