Highways can become dangerous places if a driver experiences a sudden problem while traveling at a high speed. 

News for Palm Beach County, Florida reported on a fatal accident where a woman was killed after her car went underneath a semi truck on a highway in Boca Raton. 

Tire malfunctions on an interstate and causes one death

The incident happened at about 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night on Interstate 95 southbound near the Congress Ave exit. The Florida Highway Patrol responded and found that a woman’s car had a rear tire blowout on her Dodge Avenger sedan. After this problem, the car slid into a concrete barrier, then after the first impact it went into the rear end of an 18 wheeler truck. The body of the car slid underneath the truck’s trailer. 

The 18 wheeler was able to pull over after the collision and wait on the side of the road. After emergency workers responded to the scene, they pronounced the woman dead a short time later. Another occupant in the Dodge vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for minor injuries. The truck driver was not hurt at all during the incident. 

A report from the state police did not give the name or any identifying details of the deceased woman, as the family had not been notified. The male in the Dodge was a 34 year old man from Lake Worth and the truck driver was identified as a 39 year old male from Decatur, Georgia. However, the report did mention that the woman was the only person involved in the accident who was not wearing a seat belt.  

Law enforcement said that names and other details could not be released to the media because of a 2018 amendment to the state constitution regarding privacy rights of victims and their families. 

Getting legal representation after a family member has died

It is important to realize that an attorney can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a family member who was recently killed in an accident. This is the best way for the family to receive payment for things like funeral and burial expenses, the person’s lost future earnings, and emotional trauma caused by the incident. Additional interest may be added to these damages as well. 

Wrongful death laws are slightly different in Florida than other states. There is a short statute of limitations which says that the case must be brought within four years of the incident. The spouse or a financially dependent child will usually be the one to bring the case on the victim’s behalf. 

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