When truck accidents occur on highways, there is usually all kinds of collateral damage, including traffic delays, damage to the roads and structures nearby, and even serious injuries to other motorists in the area. After an accident, a civil lawsuit is the most important remedy available to victims who need financial assistance. 

Part of Interstate 95 that goes through Boca Raton was shut down for several hours following a serious truck accident. 

Produce truck collision shuts down I-95 in Boca Raton for almost an entire day

The incident began when a large semi truck crashed into a bridge near an exit ramp near the Glades Road exit at about 5:30 pm on a Thursday night. The truck was also carrying a large cargo of produce. A nearby driver in a Lincoln Navigator was also affected by the collision. She was given a citation for careless driving by the Florida Highway Patrol and taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Another driver in a second car was taken to a hospital as a precaution, but he did not seem to have any noticeable injuries. The truck driver was operating a 1995 Freightliner vehicle at the time of the crash, but he was not harmed. 

Initially, all northbound lanes and several southbound lanes on I-95 were totally blocked off for a few hours. Other lanes started to gradually open, but not without significant delays. Police in the area reported that traffic delays affected I-95 and nearby roads for almost 15 hours in total following the accident. A combination of police officers, fire department workers, and cleanup crews worked for several hours to remove the truck and debris and secure that area. 

The inconvenience of a truck accident

As this news story shows, truck accidents can affect vehicles and bystanders nearby in significant ways. The property damage that usually occurs after a large vehicle is involved in a collision generally requires a lengthy process of expensive repairs and insurance claims.  

Serious consequences after motor vehicle accidents

Another common and more serious problem that happens after truck accidents involves nearby motorists who can be injured or even killed. Their expenses may include treatment in a hospital emergency room, doctor visits for months or years after the accident, physical therapy, missed time from work and lost wages, and vehicle repairs. 

The services of lawyers who handle accidents

When victims of truck accidents need help, there are lawyers available to help who dedicate their practice to these kinds of situations. Most personal injury lawsuits are negligence cases where the attorney for the plaintiff can add the total value of all losses experienced by the accident victim and argue for this amount in a civil lawsuit. This can be done whether the truck driver responsible is given any traffic citations or charged criminal for their poor driving. Those infractions may be used as evidence of negligence, but the ultimate decision in a case will still be made by a jury or settled through an agreement between the plaintiff and defendant. 

Talk to a legal professional in the Boca Raton area

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