It may not always be easy to determine fault or an exact cause of a truck accident. However, a personal injury lawyer who routinely handles these situations is still the best bet for a victim to try to recover their losses. 

A pickup truck crashed into a home just outside of the Boca Raton border on 10th street in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  

Truck crashes into house after driver has medical problems

The Florida Highway Patrol and Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue responded to the crash scene to find a large pickup truck wedged near the front door and an outside patio area of the home. The Ford F150 went into one of the bedrooms before coming to a rest. The home was occupied by a senior couple, but they were not injured when the vehicle made contact with their home. The woman claimed she heard a loud booming noise when she was laying down. Although she was not actually hurt in the crash, she appeared to be distressed and anxious. 

After an initial investigation of the scene, law enforcement believes that the elderly man driving the truck may have had a seizure of some other kind of health issue that led to him losing control of the vehicle. He was transported to Broward Health North to be examined, but did not sustain any injuries due to the accident. He claimed to have stopped on the street to let some other traffic go by, then had a medical problem that resulted in him causing the collision, first with a set of trees in the front yard then into the structure of the house. When he was removed from the truck by rescue crews, his foot was still pressed down on the gas pedal. No one in the area seems to have witnessed the moments leading up to the accident, and the couple inside did not see the truck until after it had already hit the house. 

The section of the home that was hit was covered in plywood, but a preliminary examination by engineers declared the structure to be safe. The hospital did not release any information about the driver’s specific medical condition or history. The F150 truck had to be towed away from the scene afterward.  

Can a truck driver be held responsible even if they had an emergency? 

Even if a collision with a truck appears to be pure accident based on a medical emergency or some other unavoidable problem, it is still recommended to file an insurance claim and speak with a lawyer. Victims can still receive compensation for their losses in a number of different ways, and having an aggressive advocate on your side will make the process easier and more efficient.  

In incidents such as this, fault may be left to a jury to determine if the driver was still responsible based on the facts provided to them. The driver’s insurance may also pay out to the victim’s to help cover their losses.

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