Houston, TX- An out of control dump truck caused pandemonium at toll plaza in the Houston area last Friday as it plowed into a multiple cars and a toll both then burst into flames. Now investigators are trying to determine what caused the fatal accident as some of the victims are struggling to recover.

The chain reaction collision took place at approximately 11:00 a.m. at the Beltway 8 toll plaza. A dump truck approaching the plaza in the westbound lanes suddenly went out of control and slammed into a extended cab pickup, carrying four members of a Texas family. The truck then crashed into a passenger vehicle carrying a Precinct deputy constable and his wife, KHOU-TV reported.

After crashing into the constable’s car, the truck then slammed into another pickup truck parked at the toll before plowing into a concrete barrier and erupting in a blaze.

The dump truck was immediately engulfed in flames which burned things within a several hundred feet one witness told KHOU-TV. Both the pickup truck driver and the dump truck driver were killed instantly.
The deputy constable and his wife were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in serious condition. Two of the occupants of the extended cab, the first vehicle that was struck, were also taken to the hospital but their condition was unknown.

Police are still trying to determine why the dump truck, which is owned by Global Waste Services, went out of control, but these investigations often take weeks or months to complete.

“It looks like he either lost control or struck those vehicles and as a result of striking the first one hit the remaining two vehicles,” Cpt. Ronnie Glaze, with the Pct. 4 Constable’s Office, told KHOU-TV.

The accident tied up the westbound lanes of the North Belt resulting on mile-long traffic backups.

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