An Alabama couple has brought a wrongful death lawsuit against Dustin Cody Martin and his employer, ProComm Advanced Quality Solutions, after Martin caused a hit-and-run crash that killed their five-year-old daughter back in April. WVTM13 says five-year-old Kamerynn Young, her mother Breanna, her father Elisha, and her younger sister were inside a 2006 Nissan Sentra when their vehicle collided with a Ford F-150. The source says the incident happened on Parkway East at Springville Road.

Birmingham police say they first noticed the truck being driven “erratically” on Interstate 59 northbound at around 10:15 a.m. on April 1, 2020. Officers then attempted to stop the truck before it exited the interstate but were unsuccessful as the driver refused and kept going. A police chase ensued and at some point during that time, officers lost sight of the truck. As they continued to look for the Ford F-150, they came across a “heavily damaged car.” That vehicle belonged to the Young’s. While Kamerynn’s mother, father, and younger sister survived the crash with injuries, the five-year-old did not.

WVTM13 says police later found Martin’s damaged truck, which belonged to his employer, in Fultondale, but it was abandoned. It wasn’t until later in the day that police located Martin and arrested him. He was later charged with murder among other charges and is now named as a defendant in the family’s lawsuit. The Young’s are also naming Martin’s employer after their attorney learned of the driver’s troubled past. According to the family’s lawyer, Martin should have never been behind the wheel of the company truck in the first place.


Wrongful Death Lawsuit Also Calls Out the Birmingham Police Department


Not only are the Young’s looking to hold accountable Martin and his employer for the incident that took their five-year-old’s life, but the lawsuit also delves into the Birmingham Police Department’s policies. WVTM13 says the family’s lawyer has shared that an internal investigation into the department shows “the officers were in violation of their pursuit policy at the time of the high-speed chase that led to [Kamerynn] Young’s death.” Although the news source has reached out to the Birmingham Police Department for comment, reporters have not yet heard back.


Were you or a loved one injured in a truck collision in Birmingham, AL?


If you are looking to obtain justice for the pain and suffering the truck collision has caused you or your loved one to suffer, it’s time you connect with a Birmingham, AL truck accident attorney who can help you. Truck accident cases are often more complex than those involving passenger vehicles as there is usually more than one party involved. As you can see from the incident described above, a lawsuit was not only brought against the driver but also his employer. To learn more about your legal rights and the next steps you need to take, contact today.

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