Big Rigs and the Dangers They Pose to the Roads

Tractor trailer trucks spend countless hours on the roadways, transporting goods from one place to the next. While we know these trucks are massive in size which makes them much more dangerous when involved in an accident, there are reasons why collisions with these vehicles occur. Although many would like to throw the blame on the truckers themselves, claiming some are distracted while others are falling asleep at the wheel, truckers aren’t the only ones at fault. Tucson News Now interviewed one truck driver and he stated that while he does enjoy his job, it can sometimes be scary for him.

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Sleepy truck drivers and irresponsible motorists both contribute to the deadly truck accidents that arise.

Truck driver Ron Bliss recounted a time when he had to slam on his brakes after a car cut him off. Motorists sometimes fail to take into account that truckers are operating a vehicle that takes time to maneuver and must be handled with care. They can’t be expected to swerve out of the way of another vehicle nor can they stop abruptly. Trucks also need more time than the average passenger vehicle to stop. So, when a smaller vehicle that is easier to move cuts in front of these larger vehicles, it puts both the trucker and the driver of the car at an increased chance of engaging in an accident.

The truth is, truckers undergo a great deal of training before they are issued a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). And even after that, the companies in which they are employed with also require them to go through training and provide them with ways to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. According to Bliss, “every truck driver completes a checklist of 90 items before any of the semi’s eighteen wheels start rolling. Every brake and tire is tested and cleared.”

In 2015, we saw 3,921 truck accidents involving tractor-trailers nationwide and that number climbed to 4,111 in 2016. Clearly, there is still a need for ways to help get these numbers reduced, but it starts with the drivers of the trucks as well as the other drives that share the roadways.


What can be done to help reduce the number tractor-trailer truck accidents in Arizona?


For starters, the issue of truck drivers and their lack of sleep needs to be addressed. While a truck driver is permitted to work a shift of up to 11 hours a day, sometimes a driver will stay on the street a bit longer. This in return can lead to drowsy driving. And as you know, drowsy driving is now being compared to drunk driving as both impair your judgment. So, in order to help prevent this from happening, companies need to be more aware of how long their drivers are working and implement ways to help identify when they have worked over that 11-hour mark.

Motorists sharing the roadways also need to be more cognizant of their driving and considerate to truckers.


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