After engaging in a car or truck accident on the freeway, the last thing you’d expect to happen is for your vehicle to be involved in yet another wreck while waiting for the police and medical personnel to arrive. Sadly, disabled vehicles that are left in the street or even on the shoulder of the roadway that were involved in an accident are susceptible to being hit again as there too many drivers who are distracted or are unable to move out of the way in time before colliding with it.


This is what happened on November 22nd in Costa Mesa and why a 17-year-old is now dead.


It was during the early morning hours on November 22nd when firefighters and police officers were dispatched to the scene of a tragic accident that resulted in the death of one person and three others sustaining injuries. According to The Orange County Register, a vehicle had been stalled on the 405 Freeway after being involved in a collision. The source didn’t indicate whether the vehicle had been pulled off to the shoulder or if it was left in the road obstructing traffic, however, it did cite that a Fiat 500 being driven by an 18-year-old man collided into the stalled vehicle.

As a result of the impact, the driver of the Fiat was thrown from the car and suffered severe injuries. The Fiat, which was also occupied by two other 18-year-old men and a 17-year-old boy was left in the roadway facing the wrong direction with inoperable headlights and tail lights. The 18-year-old who was sitting in the passenger seat managed to get out of the vehicle and walk to the shoulder of the freeway despite the serious injuries he suffered. The two other passengers that had been traveling inside the vehicle remained in the back seat. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after that wreck that a 63-year-old trucker operating a Freightliner big rig approached the disabled Fiat that had been sitting in his lane and crashed into the front of it.

The impact left the 17-year-old from San Diego dead at the scene and the other passenger needing to be hospitalized as he suffered critical injuries.


After reading about an accident of this nature, you have to wonder how you can avoid the same situation if you were ever faced with similar circumstances. The truth is, car and truck crashes occur on our roadways each and every day, and you never know when you might be the next victim. Therefore, it is important to use this accident and others like it as a way to determine what you should and should not do following a wreck.


And that brings us to the following question:


Should I stay in my vehicle after engaging in a car or truck accident on the freeway?


As you can see from the accident cited above, it would have been safer for all of the occupants of the Fiat to get out of the vehicle rather than remain inside seeing that the vehicle had stalled on the freeway and was left in the roadway. It was also around 2: 00 a.m. when the accident occurred and neither the headlights or tail lights of the Fiat were working which made it nearly impossible for others approaching to see it. Given the circumstances of this situation, staying inside the Fiat was the unsafe choice.

Now, if you are ever involved in a wreck on a freeway in California, you need to determine if your vehicle is in a safe place. If it is sitting in any of the lanes on the freeway obstructing traffic or slightly off to the shoulder, you will want to pull it as far off the road as possible. If your vehicle is not safe to move, you then at least need to get yourself to safety, says Allstate.


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