After a Bergen Street truck driver and two smaller vehicles collided in a massive collision, one driver lost his life, and the other driver was injured. There was a small explosion, and the fiery crash took 40 firefighters to put out the blaze in a span of half an hour.

Truck accidents almost always lead to severe and fatal consequences for those involved. Anyone who is involved in such a collision should make sure they get in touch with a truck accident lawyer who specializes in dealing with such cases so they can be properly compensated for the harm they suffered. Accidents that have more complications such as permanent injuries and deaths involved will take additional time to sort out. Such accidents are more time-consuming because they are a lot more complicated when seen through the legal eye.

Also, when truck drivers and trucking companies know they have to deal with hundreds of thousands and possibly even millions of dollars of damages, they fight harder than ever to avoid giving settlement to the victims. The only way a person stands a fighting chance in winning their truck accident claim is by connecting with a lawyer and getting their help through the entire process.

Right after a truck accident, a person should contact the relevant authorities. Exchange information with all the drivers and make sure they get immediate medical treatment. No matter how severe or mild the injuries are, a person should make sure a doctor looks them over thoroughly, so they are diagnosed and treated right away.

All the victims of the accident should be checked upon and if a person is qualified to do so, they should offer emergency help until the ambulance arrives. If a person is not qualified, they should refrain from touching anyone as it may make their injuries worse and result in more legal complications.

Collecting evidence after a truck accident in Bergen County, NJ

The more evidence a person collects, the easier it will be for them to get compensated for their injuries. Evidence can constitute anything from photos of the scene of the accident to witness statements from those who were present.

Truck accidents are unique from other collisions because several different parties can be held legally accountable. There are also many different forms of evidence, such as employment records, and logbook records that need to be examined to ascertain liability.

Since most of the investigation requires expert-level legal knowledge, a person should speak with their lawyer before diving into making a truck accident claim.

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