A driver was arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for driving his box truck into another vehicle and killing a child inside. 

Truck driver hits a disabled car and causes injuries and one death

The Louisiana State Police responded to U.S. Highway 61 southbound. At around 7:30 am that morning, a box truck slammed into a disabled vehicle that was parked in the area. They believe that the Lexus sedan had experienced an engine failure and pulled over onto the side of the road near Louisiana Route 964. 

The truck driver was a 27 year old male who was taken into custody. He will be charged with several crimes, including negligent homicide, careless operation of a motor vehicle, and negligent injuring. Police did not suspect that the driver was impaired at the time of the collision, however they did take a toxicology sample as a precaution. The victim was identified as an 11 year old boy. Two other people in the front seats of the Lexus also had to be hospitalized, but their injuries were less serious. 

A spokesperson from the state police said that the accident will be investigated further, as they still do not know why the truck driver went into the back of the car. 

A motor vehicle crash that involves both civil and criminal elements

There are some important differences between criminal and civil cases that are related to the same incident. First, the government is totally in control of the criminal case. They will decide whether to bring the charges or not, the specific charges that are filed, and most of the court procedures. All of these measures are meant to punish the defendant if the crime can be proven beyond all reasonable doubt by the state.

When victims need payment for their injuries or losses, it is more important to file a civil case. This is the only way that someone can be paid for medical costs, lost income and wages, or even funeral expenses if there is a deadly accident. Your personal injury attorney can argue for the largest settlement agreement or verdict allowed by law when bringing a civil case on your behalf. 

What is personal injury law?

This is the broad area of the civil law that includes lawsuits related to car accidents and many other common sources of injuries. Attorneys who focus on this type of situation will normally ask for evidence such as accident reports, pictures, and testimony to begin a case. There also may be related insurance issues and claims that are relevant. 

Speak with an accident lawyer in your city

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