Some injuries during accidents are not the fault of other drivers, but the companies that produce and manufacture vehicles with faulty parts that can cause harm to drivers and passengers in their vehicles. 

A fatality during an automobile crash in Baton Rouge Louisiana may have been caused by an airbag that had been previously recalled. 

Faulty airbag that had been recalled is responsible for driver’s death

Local news reported that a serious crash on Jefferson Highway near Drusilla took the life of a 60 year old male driver. 

The initial investigation revealed that a Takata airbag was in the victim’s vehicle. These airbags had been installed in several models of Toyota and Honda cars years earlier, but a massive recall was issued when problems that could lead to injuries or death were discovered. The exact cause of the victim’s death was determined to be an exploding Takata airbag that was located in the driver’s steering wheel in his 2004 Honda Civic sedan. A problem with chemicals inside these particular airbags resulted in situations where shards or metal were ejected into drivers during an accident. According to the local coroner, this particular victim sustained blunt force trauma from multiple pieces of metal that went into his neck in the moments before his death.   

Approximately twenty people have died globally because of this model of faulty airbag and two of them were in the state of Louisiana. Older vehicles in warm and humid climates such as those found in Louisiana and other southeastern states are at the highest risk for malfunctioning airbags. 

Honda released a statement acknowledging their role in the death. NHTSA also noted that there are still millions of cars on the roads with the defective airbags. The government has provided a website with a simple VIN number check system to determine if your vehicle is affected. 

Lawsuits against manufacturers of faulty products

There is an entire area of the civil law dedicated to problems caused by faulty products. This is called products liability, and manufacturers or distributors of the goods may be forced to pay victims for not discovering a design or manufacturing defect. Many personal injury lawyers also handle products liability lawsuits. 

When a manufacturer is responsible for injuries, their business can be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit and they will be forced to pay for any harm that resulted from their conduct if the plaintiff is successful. This is true even if a commercial driver of a truck or other business vehicle is hurt rather than a casual driver. The employer may also be implicated in a lawsuit involving someone who was working while they were driving a commercial vehicle. This is especially true if the employer knew or should have known about a recall regarding unsafe vehicle parts, yet did not take action. 

Many businesses that have fleets of commercial vehicles take out special business insurance to cover these types of losses, which will make it easier for a plaintiff to collect money after a lawsuit or settlement.  

Consult with a local lawyer following a motor vehicle crash

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