Baton Rouge area traffic was backed up for miles after fatal truck crash

Baton Rouge, LA – In Louisiana and other states, there are constantly news reports about serious accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles. When several large commercial vehicles are involved in the same incident, the results can be devastating. If a person is injured or killed in such a situation, there may be various legal ramifications for the driver at fault, including the possibility of a civil lawsuit for compensation or even criminal charges. 

CDL Life published a report about an accident involving a semi truck and a charter bus that caused fatalities and a large traffic delay [1].

Commercial vehicles involved in serious crash

Interstate 10 was partially closed down for some time on the day of the accident involving two large commercial vehicles. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development gave an update that the eastbound lanes beyond LA-415 in West Baton Rouge were closed. Police were attempting to divert the traffic in the area to other roads, but there was a backup for approximately ten miles. 

Shortly after the time of the incident, local news reported that tractor trailers and a bus were involved. The bus came to a rest after colliding with a cable in the median of the road. One fatality and at least three injuries were known. Local law enforcement said the area is a problem for accidents, as it is a stretch of highway called Devil’s Triangle where there is only one lane. No exact cause of the crash was given. 

Fatal accidents and consequences that follow

It is common for drivers of large commercial vehicles such as semi trucks or buses to be involved in serious collisions like this one. While there is special insurance present to cover these kinds of large losses, a settlement may not always be a sufficient remedy for a victim or their family. An accident lawyer can assist the victim’s family after a fatal crash by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. This is a type of case that allows the family to collect compensation for things like lost wages based on the victim’s prior income, the costs of their final medical treatment, as well as funeral and burial expenses. 

Truck accident lawyers in Baton Rouge

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