To settle or not to settle, that is going to be a question you may be faced with if you were recently involved in a truck accident in the state of New York. Because you may be only in the beginning stages of getting your personal injury claim filed, it is important to understand what a settlement actually is and what your options are.

What to expect after a truck accident claim has been filed?

After engaging in an accident, both your insurance company and that of the at-fault driver will get involved and work to get you the funds necessary for all the damages imposed. While you may be asked to provide all the necessary documentation that highlights how much this accident has cost you, you may also encounter a few issues that will need to be handled in a timely matter. First things first. Once your insurance carrier has all the required information they need, double check it to be certain it is accurate and that the accident isn’t being pinned on you.  Rochester truck accident lawyers have had cases where they had to represent an accident victim who was being targeted for causing the accident when in reality they didn’t.

If you were injured in a truck accident and need legal aid getting your insurance claim filed, contact a local Rochester truck crash attorney.

What is a truck accident settlement?

If you have never been in accident before, the process may be rather confusing or too much to handle. Once everything is processed and your insurer or that of the other driver has arrived at an amount that they feel is suitable to compensate you for all your pain and suffering, they will issue you a settlement offer for you to either approve or deny. Issuing a settlement offer is usually one of the last stages that must be completed in a truck crash claim before it can be closed.

Should I accept my settlement or appeal it?

Once you receive your settlement, it is essential you review the amount with your New York truck accident lawyer to determine whether they have provided you with a suitable amount. And remember, you do not have to accept a settlement the first time it is presented. In fact, insurance companies are known to low ball truck accident victims simply because they would rather hold onto more money than pay it out. Therefore, if you feel your pain, time away from work, and the amount you have spent in medical bills doesn’t amount to that written in your settlement offer, don’t accept. Every accident victim has different struggles they have to deal with after being involved in a collision so you need to be certain all your damages are taken into account.

Should you decide you don’t want to accept the settlement offer, you can negotiate with the insurer and try and derive at a more appropriate amount. Usually this takes some back and forth, but once you are able to come to an agreement, your settlement check will then be issued.