Greenwich Township, NJ- Police say that inclement weather contributed to a traffic collision involving a tractor-trailer and a SUV early Friday morning on Interstate 78.

New Jersey State Police say that Three Bridges resident Karin Kaiser was attempting to merge onto Interstate 78 from Route 22.  As Kaiser’s SUV was merging right onto Interstate 78 and a tractor-trailer driver was forced to swerve right.

The tractor-trailer, driven by John Wurdemann, then swerved to the right. The truck which was not carrying a load was forced off of the roadway and down an embankment and overturned. Somehow the truck was turned upright without assistance before police arrived, according to the Express Times.

The SUV suffered damage to the front end. Neither of the drivers was injured.

Police said the stormy, wet weather that swept through the state contributed to the accident. They also noted that driver inattention also played a contributing factor, though they did not specify which driver was not paying attention to the road.

The accident caused police to close the right and center lanes of Interstate 78 for an hour while the scene was cleaned up.

Truck drivers and motorists cannot control the weather, but they can control their driving. Safe driving practices in bad weather is especially important for truck drivers since their vehicles are much larger and can weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds when they are carrying a load. Rain, fog, snow, ice, and other bad weather will affect the conditions of the road and the driver’s visibility so drivers, whether they are in a semi or a sedan must be vigilant and pay careful attention to their actions and what other vehicles on the road are doing.

Bad weather and road conditions won’t excuse you if you cause an accident regardless of what you drive. All drivers can held responsible for the property damage or personal injuries they cause even of the inclement weather or poor played a factor in collision.

In the case of this accident, the passenger vehicle driver was responsible for the crash and the tractor trailer sustained significant damage. Motorists cause a large portion of truck accidents and they should be held accountable when they do. In these instances, the truck driver can retain a truck accident attorney to help them recover enough money to repair their vehicle and cover any injuries or lost wages.

While it is true there are more passenger vehicle accidents than truck accidents, the accidents involving semis, tankers and other large trucks have the tendency to be more dangerous. More fatalities and a higher number of serious injuries result from truck accidents. These accidents also result in greater and more costly property damage.

When a truck accident results from negligence on the part of a truck driver they should be held responsible and pay for the damages and harm they have caused. A truck accident attorney will make certain this happens and the resulting settlement adequately compensates the accident victims or victims.