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Involved in a truck accident in the state of Texas? You will likely need a truck collision lawyer to help you gain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

With a population of approximately 885,400 people and numerous highways available for use, it is no secret that the Texas roadways become rather busy at times. Busy roadways not only lead to frustrated drivers but also an increase in the chance of a truck accident occurring. The commercial trucking industry is enormous as there are approximately 15 million 18-wheelers traveling on the highways each and every year.

With that in mind, it is rather important that all residents in the Austin, Texas area understand how to safely driver when on the highway. Although it may seem rather simple, many of the accidents that occur on these roadways are fatal. Children lose their parents and parents lose their loved ones. To help you prepare for highway driving and how to do it safely when trucks are present, below are some tips for you to consider.

What You Should be Doing When Sharing the Roadway with a Trucker

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, trucks can weight up to 80,000 pounds and may require up to 100 yards to stop. So, what should drivers who share the road do to prevent a truck collision from occurring?
1. Maintain a safe following distance.
2. If a truck is trying to make a turn, don’t attempt to squeeze around them. They need adequate space to turn and you don’t want to interfere with the trucker trying to make a safe turn that won’t cause an accident.
3. If you pass a truck, don’t move back into the lane until you can visibly see both of the truck’s headlights.
4. Trucks generally have four blind spots, up to 20 feet in front of the tractor, anywhere along the sides of the trailer, and up to 200 feet behind the trailer.
5. Never attempt to cross behind a truck that is backing up. Although this doesn’t apply to highway driving, it is still important for you to be cognizant of.

What Should I do if I Was Already Involved in an Accident?

If you are truck driver who has been involved in an accident or a motorist who has engaged in a crash with a commercial vehicle, it is vital you contact the Luke Dow Law Firm today by calling 512-480-9502. You likely sustained major injuries and will indefinitely need compensation to cover the accrued medical bills and funds to account for the time you have spent out of work. There are many other types of damages you can claim in a truck accident and the Austin truck crash lawyers at the Luke Dow Law Firm can sit down and explain these to you.

Whether you need assistance with filing an injury claim or lawsuit or simply want to become more aware of what your rights are in the event you may be at fault, call these professionals for your free consultation today. Luke Dow is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and will see to it you obtain the compensation you are rightfully due.