Truck and auto accidents increase during the holidays starting with Thanksgiving.

Truck accident lawyer in Boise, Idaho discuss how to share the road with commercial trucks this holiday season

Boise, ID- Next week kicks off the holidays for many Idahoans, so there will be a noticeable increase in traffic in and around Boise. Not only will there be more autos filled with people with long lists of things to do, but there will also be more commercial trucks on the road making certain the shelves of the stores are stocked and full. In this article, USAttorneys will discuss some tips you can follow to safely share the road with tractor-trailers, tankers and other commercial trucks this holiday season.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, there is usually an uptick in injurious and deadly crashes, partly because of an increase in the volume of traffic. But the holidays aren’t some of the most dangerous days on the road just because of the additional traffic; they are deadly because motorists are willing to take risks they wouldn’t normally, mostly for the sake of expediency. Some of those risky behaviors included distracted or drunk driving or speeding. And since passenger vehicle motorists are at fault for the majority of commercial truck crashes, we wanted to share sometimes for safely sharing the road with a large truck.

Drunken driving is far too common at this time of year, and the because passenger vehicle motorists are responsible for a greater share of truck accidents, these following tips can help you avoid a deadly collision when sharing the road with a large commercial truck:

Safety tips for sharing the road with commercial trucks

Firstly: Do not drink and drive! Drunk or drugged driving is a larger problem over the holidays and the main culprit behind the increase in fatal traffic collisions. If you get drunk, take a cab, call a friend or sleep on a couch, just don’t drive impaired, or you could end up hurting yourself someone else.

There are safe driving habits you can follow to avoid a truck wreck any time of the year.

Next: Use your seat belt!  Wearing a seat belt is not going to stop and accident if motorists are acting negligently, but they can keep a victim from being ejected or tossed around. A seat belt can drastically reduce the severity of any injuries you might suffer if you are hit by a big truck.

Third: Do not speed! (Or, at least don’t speed excessively.) The holidays are a busy time for everyone, so people tend to rush around. Speeding may save you time, but it will also significantly increase your chances of being involved in an accident. Leave early to avoid the urge to speed and your behind timewise, just go with it since it’s better to arrive late than not at all.

Fourth: When sharing the road with a commercial truck give them space. Leave plenty of room between the front and rear of your car and a commercial vehicle. If you need to get over in front of a semi or such, give yourself space and don’t cut a truck driver off.

Truck accident victims in Idaho should consult with a truck accident lawyer before speaking to anyone about their crash, besides the police.

Fifth: Be mindful of a commercial truck’s blind spots and make sure a truck driver can see you always. According to the American Trucking Association, if you can’t see a truck driver in their mirror, that driver can’t see you.

Sixth: Get directions ahead of time. You want to avoid making an erratic or risky move on the road, so we recommend you familiarize yourself with the directions as a head of time and use navigational systems to keep you on track.

If you do happen to be in a truck accident in Boise, we can connect you with a legal expert who will make sure you get the compensation you deserve. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of truck accident lawyers in Idaho to assist with your case and provide you with an inarguable injury claim.