Covington, KY – Even though truck drivers in Kentucky are some of the most experienced on the road, accidents are inevitable. Here is how to avoid truck accidents in Kentucky.

Regardless of how much training commercial truck drivers have, there are many factors you cannot control. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that almost 4,000 people in the United States died from fatal truck accidents in 2013 alone. Moreover, about 95,000 people sustained injuries in truck accidents, while an overwhelming 72 percent of the people injured were occupants of other vehicles.

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Before hitting the road again, familiarize yourself with the following ways to avoid a truck accident in Kentucky:

Reduce Your Speed at Curves

Oftentimes the posted speed limit is above what is safe for trucks. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 28 percent of auto accident deaths in 2014 was due to speeding. Driving at a fast pace increases stopping distances and the risk of rolling over, which as a result increases your risk of getting into a truck accident. These risks are heightened even more so when going around curves. If you’re a truck driver, do yourself and everyone else on the road a favor by slowing down on highway ramps and curving roads.

Don’t Overload Your Truck 

As tempting as it may be to pack as much as you can onto your truck, this can ultimately lead to an imbalanced truck, which is a danger to not only the truck driver but to every other motorist on the road. Instead of stacking cargo too high, take the time to spread it evenly throughout the floor space of the truck instead. The extra five minutes you spend properly loading your truck will greatly improve fuel economy, handling, and overall stability.

Be Mindful of Weather Conditions 

If poor weather becomes too much of a challenge to safely navigate, then pull over and wait for the storm to pass instead of trying to fight your way through it. Even weather hazards as seemingly harmless as rain can greatly reduce your visibility, which can in turn increase your stopping distance and ultimately cause your vehicle to hydro plane, resulting in a truck accident.

Get Help from a Truck Accident Attorney in Kentucky 

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