Drivers always need to be careful around much larger trucks because a collision can be a serious matter.

Law enforcement was able to identify one victim who died in a truck crash in Travis County, just outside the city of Austin, Texas.

Car goes through red light on highway and crashes into larger truck

Multiple agencies were given an emergency call to respond to the area of Farm to Market Road and its intersection with U.S. Highway 183. The Texas Department of Public Safety had been notified of the incident just before 3 am that morning. 

They believe that a 2016 Ford Fusion vehicle was going southbound on U.S. 183 going towards the intersection of Farm to Market 1625. Another vehicle that was towing two freightline trailers was making a left turn at this same intersection onto the highway. They believe that the Fusion went through the red light and straight into the truck and trailers. The driver of the Fusion, identified as a 29 year old male, was pronounced dead at the scene by rescue crews. His vehicle was pinned under the truck from the impact. Police in the area closed the intersection for several hours and diverted the traffic to McKenzie Road. 

The Travis County Sheriff’s Department and EMS were also on the scene providing support.

Truck accidents that cause fatalities

If a truck accident in Texas results in the death of one or more people in the vehicles involved, their families must file a wrongful death action if they want to receive compensation on their behalf. This is a civil lawsuit that pays for things like hospitalization and medical treatment, as well as funeral expenses and the victim’s future lost income. If the person was young when the accident occurred or they had high earning potential, these cases can potentially be very valuable. There are also non-economic damages available for things such as loss of companionship, emotional pain and suffering, and mental trauma. In rare cases, a judge may allow punitive damages, which are meant to discourage some kind of reckless behavior by the defendant that resulted in death.  

Under the Texas wrongful death law, the plaintiff must prove that the party at fault was negligent or liable for the incident in some way. This is similar to most other civil cases. Monetary damages must also be shown, but this is usually easily done in accident situations. The person’s spouse, children, or parents are entitled to bring this kind of case, but they must do so within two years. This is a shorter statute of limitations than most other civil cases. 

Get help from a local truck accident lawyer

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